A CLI tool to manage disputes

Hey, I published a CLI that anyone can use to manage disputes.

You can install it by doing npm i -g @graphprotocol/graph-disputes

It supports several commands:

# Init
graph-disputes setup

# General
graph-disputes dispute list
graph-disputes dispute show <disputeID>

# Submitter
graph-disputes dispute create indexing <allocationID> <deposit>
graph-disputes dispute create query <attestation> <deposit>

# Arbitrator
graph-disputes dispute resolve reject <disputeID>
graph-disputes dispute resolve accept <disputeID>
graph-disputes dispute resolve draw <disputeID>
graph-disputes dispute resolve verify <payload>

You can always use graph-disputes --help to see the list of available commands. Additionally, you can refer to the README for more information on how to use it graph-disputes/README.md at main · edgeandnode/graph-disputes · GitHub

The code is hosted on GitHub - edgeandnode/graph-disputes: Tools for Graph disputes management. This repo will also hold any tool that helps in the process of arbitration.

This is the first version and will keep on evolving. For example, one planned feature includes more validations before creating or resolving a dispute based on what the arbitration charter defines: Double Jeopardy, Data Availability, Statute of Limitations, etc.

If you wish to contribute, you can open an issue reporting any bug or create a PR with an enhancement.