A Message to The Graph Community - Onward

Hi All, I know it has been a crazy couple of weeks in crytpo and quite disheartening to see such bad and immoral behavior shake the industry.

I want to reminded everyone that FTX and Alameda are both CeFi (centralized finance), they are not DeFi and they are definitely not web3.

It is a nice reminder that this is why web3 cant just be about ownership - bc a centralized exchange with a token would then count as web3. Web3 is a brand new platform for truly decentralized applications to give the power, decision making and control back to the users.

Decentralization wins here in the end. DeFi wins here in the end (this kind of thing is impossible on uniswap, a decentralzied exchange). Even if many traditional funds stop believing in web3 and crytpo for a year or so, we will just keep building and focusing on decentralized infra for the future of the web.

Don’t let this discourage you, let it invigorate you to keep pushing and fighting that good fight for the future of the web - powered by decentralized infra like The Graph.

Grateful to be on this journey with all of you. :relaxed::sparkles:

My heart goes out to anyone impacted. If anyone needs anything, you can always reach out to me via the form on my website at TeganKline.com