Add Support for BEVM Canary

About BEVM Canary

BEVM Canary serves as the preliminary network for BEVM Mainnet; however, the BTC on BEVM Canary maintains a one-to-one correspondence with the Bitcoin Network. BEVM is a decentralized and EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer 2 utilizing BTC as Gas and enables all DApps operational in the Ethereum ecosystem to function on BTC Layer 2, with BTC acting as Gas. The Canary Network has witnessed 5.76 million transactions and has 61,299 addresses.

Bridge: Bevm
Discord: BEVM-Bitcoin EVM
Github: BEVM ยท GitHub
Chainlist: Chainlist
Contact: Telegram: Contact @garyenen

Contact Information

Iโ€™m the Head of the Developer Ecosystem at BEVM. Our team is committed to collaborating with various infrastructure teams to enhance the developer experience and grow user adoption.

Graph Node integration

BEVM Canary is a standard EVM-Compitable chain and should work with no further changes on the graph ecosystem.

Here is the RPC

Integration with Subgraph Studio or alternatives

We can provide an RPC endpoint and key for Subgraph Studios.

Indexer Documentation

All Node Operator info can be found here.

RPC Endpoint info can be found here.


Hello @enengary !
Appreciate you taking the time to fill out the information above. I went ahead and provided the next steps below to follow to proceed with the Chain Integration Process.

Next Steps:

  1. We need additional details on the setup of an archive node specifically for Indexers, as well as hardware requirements. Proper documentation will certainly be beneficial and welcomed by the Indexer community.
  2. Please provide an example of a subgraph. This will enable Indexers to begin synchronization, allowing us to assess the service quality โ€” ensuring that Indexers can dependably and efficiently support โ€” and to check for any PoI discrepancies . Both QoS and determinism assurances are essential for mainnet support with indexing rewards.
  3. Proceed with integrating the Subgraph Studio. More details about this will be shared during our intro call we will arrange once these task items have been completed. For some of the more commonly asked questions in regards to the process.

That covers everything at the moment.

Subsequently, the Indexer community will be notified about your chain entering the CIP process, to help them prepare their nodes. We also encourage you to attend our weekly Indexer Office Hours, a community call aimed at Indexers so that you can better educate Indexers on how to run [insert chain name] nodes. If interested, you can join us by following this Discord link: Discord . These meetings take place every Tuesday at 6pm UTC.

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Thank you for your response. Following deliberation by our team, we have resolved to submit our proposal and related information during the next BEVM mainnet launch. We extend our sincere gratitude for your support and assistance. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you once again.

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