Add Support for BEVM Mainnet

About BEVM Mainnet

BEVM is a decentralized EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer 2 based on Taproot consensus, and using $BTC as gas, which enables all DApps operational in the Ethereum ecosystem to function on BTC Layer 2, with BTC acting as Gas. The Mainnet has witnessed 1.157 M transactions and has 632,703 addresses in two weeks.

Bridge: Bevm
Discord: BEVM-Bitcoin EVM
Github: BEVM · GitHub
Chainlist: Chainlist
Contact: Telegram: Contact @garyenen

Contact Information

I’m the Head of the Developer Ecosystem at BEVM. Our team is committed to collaborating with various infrastructure teams to enhance the developer experience and grow user adoption.

Graph Node integration

BEVM Mainnet is a standard EVM-Compitable chain and should work with no further changes on the graph ecosystem.

Here is the RPC

Integration with Subgraph Studio or alternatives

We can provide an RPC endpoint and key for Subgraph Studios.

Indexer Documentation

All Node Operator info can be found here .

RPC Endpoint info can be found here .