Add support for Kava Mainnet

About Kava

The Kava Network is a Layer-1 blockchain that combines the speed and scalability of the Cosmos SDK with the developer support of Ethereum. The Kava Network will empower developers to build for Web3 and next-gen blockchain technologies through its unique co-chain architecture. KAVA is the native governance and staking token of the Kava Network, enabling its decentralization and security.

Kava network enables seamless interoperability between the Ethereum and Cosmos Co-Chains empowering developers to build in whichever environment they want without sacrificing access to the users and assets of the other. Kava’s lightning-fast Tendermint Core consensus engine enables the free flow of users, assets, and projects between Kava and the industry’s most relevant ecosystems at scale. The Kava network also stands as the only blockchain with a native issuance of USDT that seamlessly connects to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Kava network also features an innovative and transparent on-chain incentive program, Kava Rise, to ensure that the best builders in the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems are properly rewarded for driving growth to the Kava Network.

The Kava Network:

  • Is EVM compatible
  • Has 6 second block time and 1 block finality
  • Has over 125 protocols deployed with a TVL of ~$220mn (src: DefiLlama)

More information on our website at

Contact Information

I, 0xRaghu, am part of the Developer Relations team at Kava Labs. Our team is responsible for identifying and bringing on board top-notch infrastructures and applications to enhance the developer experience and promote user adoption within Kava.

Graph Node integration

Type of integration EVM
RPC Endpoint

Integration with Subgraph Studio or alternatives

Kava Labs will provide a high throughput Archival RPC endpoint and key for subgraph studio

Indexer Documentation

Running a Archival Nodes Kava Node setup guide is available at Kava Node Setup Guide | Kava
Usual Upgrade Frequency for Nodes No fixed upgrade schedule. We will notify on our official channels about upgrades
how Indexers may be notified of future planned hard-forks should they lead to breaking changes Upgrade-announcements channel on Discord. Link: Discord
Available Snapshot Archival Snapshots are available for download at ChainLayer QuickSync

Kava Labs is thrilled about this partnership, and our users are eager to benefit from TheGraph indexing services.


@0xRaghu, thanks for starting a thread here!

Thanks for filling out the template nicely - it will help expedite the process. Once you have some subgraphs built, please share the source code here so we can have our Indexer community (InfraDAO, specifically) try them out as a way to validate the integration with Graph Node. cc @Slimchance


Thanks for providing all the details on which binaries are needed at which block height in Accessing Historic Kava Data | Kava This is very helpful… I wish all tendermint-based chains did this.

It does take us a bit of time to compile all those binaries, but I think we have them all now so we can sync the chain from genesis.

My assumption is that starting from Kava-10 is sufficient for The Graph. Is this correct assumption?


Hey @mdarwin
Thanks for your feedback.
If you are using the binaries, yes you can start from Kava 10.
Our archival snapshots are also available for download on Quicksync at ChainLayer QuickSync
Whatever works best for you. Thank you.