Add support for Zircuit Mainnet

About Zircuit

Zircuit is a modular zk rollup with AI-enabled security at the sequencer level. Zircuit is fully EVM-compatible. Backed by pioneering L2 research, the network’s unique hybrid architecture combines battle-tested infrastructure with zero-knowledge proofs to give developers the best of both worlds. With cutting-edge performance and security at the sequencer level, users can explore new frontiers with faster transactions, reduced fees, and complete peace of mind.

Currently, Zircuit is still in its testnet phase. We hope to launch mainnet some time around Q3 2024. The Zircuit Staking Program offers users the opportunity to stake ETH, LSTs and LRTs to earn Zircuit Points. Zircuit Staking is designed to reward participating users and communities that help bootstrap native, day-one liquidity to Zircuit. The Zircuit Staking contract already has over $3B in TVL.

Contact Information

Graph Node integration

Zircuit is fully EVM bytecode compatible and should work with the Graph ecosystem as is.

Please see this link for RPC information.

Integration with Subgraph Studio or alternatives

We can provide an RPC endpoint and key for Subgraph Studio.

Indexer Documentation

Indexing on Zircuit should be the same as indexing on a standard EVM chain. Running a node should be similar to running op-geth, i.e., the archive mode would require passing the options --gcmode=archive and --syncmode=full.

Hardware Requirements


  • 4 CPU cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • SSD 300GB


  • 6 CPU cores
  • 16GB RAM
  • SSD 500GB - 1 TB