Add Support to Meter Network

About Meter

Meter is a layer 1 blockchain with Freedom and Fairness as the first principle. It is highly decentralized, censorship resistant yet blazing fast and MEV resistant. Its native metastable gas token completes Satoshi’s vision of a sound money independent of the fiat system.

The mainnet launched in July 2020.

Meter Network is;

  1. EVM compatible
  2. Highly Decentralized with over 334 Validators and scalable to 1000s of validators without effect on performance (powered by HotStuff Consensus)
  3. High throughput (1500 TPS), low latency (1.9 sec) and instant deterministic finality chain
  4. MEV resistant (transaction processing in sequence without gas price ranking)

Additional Information on the Meter Ecosystem is available on our Website.

DeFI ecosystem on Meter can be accessed on DeFillama.

Meter supports both native staking and liquid staking with staking yield at ~10%. More details available in our documentation.

Contact Information

I, sg_meter, am part of the operations team. Core development team assisting in this integration are Xiaohan Zhu (Telegram) and Simon (Telegram).

Graph Node integration

Type of Integration EVM
RPC Information
Current Graph Node on Meter Mainnet Introduction to Developer Documentation - Meter Docs
Current subgraph on Meter Mainnet The GraphiQL

Integration with Subgraph Studio or alternatives

We can provide an RPC endpoint and key for subgraph studio.

Indexer Documentation

Minimum Hardware Requirement for Indexers 2 Core, 8 GB RAM, 200 GB NVMe/ SSD
Usual Upgrade Frequency for Nodes No fixed upgrade schedule but the node runner could run an automatic upgrade docker
how Indexers may be notified of future planned hard-forks should they lead to breaking changes Mainnet Upgrade Channel on Discord, Validator Channel on Telegram, We prefer nodes run the ‘watchtower container’ to auto-update
Running Archive Node Our nodes are archive nodes by default. The node setup process is available here: Running a Full Node on Meter Mainnet - Meter Docs
Docker and Bare Metal Indexer Guides Google doc
Available Snapshot Our community run archive currently provides snapshot at 99.3% of blockchain data. More information available here: Validator Channel on Telegram
Available Node Monitoring Grafana Dashboard:

Hi @sg_meter,

Thanks so much for starting this thread here!

To get started, I’d love to hop on a call with you/your team and @kyleArojas, from Edge & Node, to go over the first step, the Subgraph Studio integration.

Feel free to DM me with your availability and e-mail. Kyle is currently OOO, so we’ll likely aim for next week only.

Welcome to The Graph! :astronaut:


Thank you @Pedro. We have already scheduled a call with @kyleArojas.


Thanks for info, but the link to the discord channel (Discord) is not working.

Is non-docker installs (systemd) supported, or docker is required? Also does it run fine in kubernetes?

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To keep everyone updated, the Subgraph Studio Integration is currently on hold after discussions with Meter, and the testnet testing phase will be held off for now.