Announcing Mainnet Indexer - dapplooker.eth

Hello Everyone!

Builders will build whatever the market situation is and we mean it :slightly_smiling_face:

Today we’d like to introduce DappLooker indexer to the community, dapplooker.eth!
Devops learning, extensive experience with subgraphs and graph protocol experience have culminated in the indexer operation. We are looking for delegation of our operation so that we may provide additional service to the distributed network of TheGraph and reward community members. Our current effective commission target for indexing rewards is ~10%. All changes to fee cut will be announced separately. Transparency is our goal. Feel free to get in touch here or at discord.

More Details:

  • We run a self-hosted Ethereum Erigon node for optimal and reliable access to Ethereum.
  • Our Graph indexer runs on dedicated Hetzner servers.
  • The operation is maintained full-time by the dedicated DappLooker Devops team, including myself.

Discord Username: realchoubey | dapplooker.eth
Twitter :
Link to Network profile: Graph Explorer

Special thanks to @indexer_payne and @kw1k for the help. :raised_hands:

8 Likes setup is done for verification of indexing data consistency.

Thanks @grassets-tech for the tool.

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