Know Your Indexer #13 | Dappquery

We are excited to introduce Dappquery team in this segment called “ Know Your Indexer ” in this week edition.

This team is always prepared in The Graph’s communities like Telegram and Discord to help the new delegators and answer any questions regarding the protocol.

Dappquery Interview


  1. How did you get into Blockchain? How long have you been running nodes or participating in the blockchain ecosystem?

Dappquery team: We started early 2018 aiming to solve problems in blockchain space. Later we participated in various hackathons and events. Now with Dappquery, we are easing the process of visualizing blockchain and DeFi data by providing an analytics platform.


  1. What was your first experience with The Graph and why did you choose to participate in The Graph ecosystem?

Dappquery team: It started with a Hackathon event organized by The Graph. We built a subgraph and a visualization dashboard for Kleros and even secured a price in that hackathon. With this I developed interest in the Graph protocols, gradually participated in testnet and now we are running mainnet indexer.


  1. Did you participate in the Mission Control testnet?

Dappquery team: Yes, I did.


  1. How many indexers do you currently have in mainnet?

Dappquery team: Just one.


  1. Are you currently participating in the current testnet?

Dappquery team: Yes, I am.


  1. How do you stay connected with your delegator community?

Dappquery team: We have a dedicated discord channel. Feel free to join the discord channel.


  1. How many people from your team are participating in The Graph’s community?

Dappquery team: 3.


.8. What are you excited about the future of The Graph?

Dappquery team: I am excited about migration of different DeFi legos like UniSwap, AAVE, Compound and different blockchain networks like Fantom and Matic network.


  1. Which blockchain networks are you excited to index for The Graph?

Dappquery team: We are really excited about the DeFi based chain Fantom and Polygon chains.


  1. Why should delegators choose you?

Dappquery team: Our team has a good understanding of The Graph protocol and we have all the expertise with us to scale our indexer infrastructure to generate best rewards for our delegators. We are here for the long run and are committed to the graph protocol community and our delegators.

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Wallet address: 0x4bc2e066fb0857493a1fbe48462bb34ff6ea731f

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Thank you team.

Happy to take any questions by community members :innocent:

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