Are subscripions feature complete?

On the GitHub for the Graph node, it says that Subscriptions are feature complete. But in trying to use them and talking to team members, they don’t seem to be enabled yet.

Is this correct? If not when might subscriptions make an appearance?

Thank you! Love the Graph.

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I am also interested in knowing when subscriptions will make an appearance. It seems like a big deal.

Subscriptions is very unstable and it’s discouraged from being used. For now the recommended approach would be to poll at certain intervals. The Guild (one of the Core Devs on The Graph) is working on a much better and robust solution for subscriptions.

Although you can use it by prefixing wss:// instead of http:// in the query url

I am happy to see that a developer is already working on a much better and more robust solution. I am hoping for the best.

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