Atlantis World <> The Graph

Atlantis World <> The Graph


Atlantis World is building the Web3 social metaverse. We’re connecting social with Web3 (NFTs, DeFi + DAOs) and gaming inside of a lightweight virtual world that’s accessible to everybody.

We believe that existing metaverses set a high-cost barrier to entry and a hardware standard that doesn’t match up with global readiness due to a focus on 3d/immersive experience. We’re building Atlantis as a lightweight, 2d pixel metaverse that will run on any device in the web browser, from anywhere in the world!

We’re curating a fully fledged crypto economy of the metaverse starting with game experiences that plug into Web3 applications. You can even visit digital banks and unlock billions of dollars in liquidity for anything from savings accounts to borrowing, or freely exchange money and trade anything from financial instruments to NFT wearables and other digital goods / collectibles such as land.

We’ll build token gated cities for your favorite communities, starting with the founding partners of the Atlantis World ecosystem… Here, communities will be able to host virtual events powered by spatial video/audio calling, as well as NFT treasure hunts, voting in DAOs and using other Web3 applications. We’re also working hard to enable customizability features as well as building SDKs so that leading creators and developers can improve Atlantis World as a global collective. We’re building the user owned metaverse, so want to enable that as soon as possible.

We’re also working toward a planet positive future in collaboration with our users and community… which is why we’re planting a biodiverse, carbon capturing virtual forest inside of Atlantis.

Collab scope

We can add value to The Graph ecosystem in a number of ways, from integrating inside of Atlantis to building token-gated meta-city for The Graph community.

  • Integrating The Graph Explorer ( & Subgraph Studio in a gamified way inside of Atlantis World.
  • Building a fully Web3-enabled token gated city for The Graph community with NFTs, video calling, DeFi + in-game DAO voting! The city will be map sized and totally personalized with The Graph brand styling, perfect for hosting virtual events, NFT treasure hunts, voting in DAOs and other fun stuff.
  • Creating MMORPG-style Learn2Earn (incentivized learning) quests to onboard users into The Graph + the wider DeFi ecosystem.
  • Enabling network effects by rolling out gamified The Graph products in Atlantis City and cities of other AW founding partners such as Yearn or Balancer to onboard more users who are already Web3 native.
  • Adding a portal to The Graph Explorer (, The Graph booth (where users can learn more with social links like Discord) and The Graph clubhouse to Atlantis City.
  • Airdropping token gated city + The Graph building / clubhouse to The Graph community.
  • The Graph wearables and swag inside of Atlantis World.
  • The Graph core contributors co-working space (token-gated with NFT/POAP/social token etc)
  • Other suggestions from The Graph community.

Support requests

We’d highly appreciate exploring some support that might be made available to us on our mission to collaborate and provide value to The Graph ecosystem and community:

  • Grant funding;
  • Mentorship;
  • Tech support;
  • Community / user feedback and collaborative efforts;
  • Joint marketing.


CJ Hetherington - Co-Founder, Product Lead

CJ has been a digital rights activist since the age of 8, and a tech entrepreneur since the age of 10; when he tried to raise $600k for a virtual casino way ahead of the crypto economic infrastructure that exists today. CJ hacked together one of the first ever gamified yield farms last year, building in the NFT space when transaction volume was below $200k USD / day (continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate but currently over $200M).

Rev Miller - Co-Founder, Growth Lead

Rev is a serial entrepreneur with over 8 years experience building and growing media, FinTech, 3D / XR, and Web3 networks. He’s also leading adoption at Witnet, the decentralized oracle network.

Julio Alcantara - Lead Game Developer

Julio is our lead game developer who has an additional 6 years of experience in design. He’s currently overseeing core development of Atlantis World, whilst working across the tech stack from PhaserJS, UI/UX design and Web3 integrations, as well as even creating game assets. Julio led the Atlantis tech team to win Best DeFi Project on Polygon as well as prizes from Aave and Audius at HackFS, and a winning effort in NFT Vision Hack’s Rarible track. In the past, he’s also led teams and won hackathons at Mintbean.

Ilayda Pinarbasi - Lead Designer

Ilayda is our lead game designer with over 4 years of experience designing and even developing games. Whilst currently studying game design in Istanbul, she recently completed an exchange program at Seoul National Tech University in Korea. Also, Ilayda is a Youtube creator with over 500k views and enjoys Twitch streaming.

Rachit Srivastava - Blockchain Developer

Rachit has been programming in Java since age 13 and is a full stack blockchain developer. He loves to build/chat/research anything blockchain related, aiming to contribute to the ecosystem by building solutions, with a primary interest in DeFi. He’s also a solidity developer at Nethermind, as well as a contributor at Harmony.

Austyn Studdard - Game Developer

Austyn is an experienced game developer with over 5 years of experience, as well as being official developer support in the PhaserJS Discord server for over 2 years and making contributions to the core PhaserJS framework. He recently joined us from Treeverse, a sci-fi and fantasy based blockchain MMORPG.

Chris Diperio - Game Developer

Chris found his way into software development having almost fully automated his financial analysis role as an operations manager at Xerox using SQL and becoming restless. He then became proficient in Java, C++ and C# before being captivated by Javascript, eventually joining Atlantis World as a game developer. Chris is comfortable wearing many hats across our tech stack.

Carlo Migueldy - Web3 Developer

Carlo is a software craftsman from The Philippines. Over the past 3+ years, he’s worked across various tech stacks and recently made the jump to go full time in Web3. He’s a highly versatile and passionate engineer, known to make high quality and easily maintainable applications. In his spare time, he enjoys researching Web3, contributing to DAOs such as Developer DAO and writing technical documentation / creating tutorials.






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Final Notes

We’re currently building hard on a completely new version of Atlantis which we’re planning to ship before EOY. On our first prototype / demo version ( we currently have over 2k active users, for the new version we have over 6k early access sign ups.

We’re still fully bootstrapped, managing to scale our team to 8 full time core contributors on the back of grants, collabs + our own capital. So, the support of The Graph would be huge to us in helping us build the user owned metaverse for public good whilst accelerating the adoption of both The Graph ecosystem and Web3 in general. In terms of user ownership, we want to enable that ASAP, though we’re exploring alternative methods vs launching a token as it stands right now.

Our current ecosystem partners have social media communities of 5M+ users that will be invited to beta test Atlantis and become our early adopters. Joint marketing is a core part of our GTM and we’re onboarding new partners at an unprecedented rate.

We also plan to enable network effects for all parties involved, by incentivising and encouraging different partner communities to try each other’s products inside of Atlantis. As well as this, we’ll also target non crypto natives with interactive learning for DeFi and other Web3 building blocks like DAOs, blockchain games and blockchain wallets, even creating core Web3 onboarding and wallet creation experience.

We also have super active 7.5k+ Discord users, with 6000+ mobilising to make a contribution to our Gitcoin grant.