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Hello everyone, my name is Jorge, project lead for Stellar Gate. We are looking to make some fun events and grow the graph community via educational material. Below is our proposal. I appreciate your thoughts. Looking forward to work with you!

What Category does your project fall under?

  1. Community Growth / Events / Education

Please outline and describe your proposal

We are a group of metaverse builders who are looking to build an awesome futuristic game experience for players around the world. We have hosted talks from different projects around the metaverse including Polygon and Phantasma chain and we would like to make events in the metaverse for the Graph since we believe in the project as well. We are looking to grow the community by performing weekly events in Decentraland. We also want to expand the knowledge of users on the benefits of using the Graph. We have recently finished deploying a new technology in Decentraland with POAP. This new technology helps us create more engaging events that will attract more users into the Graph ecosystem. We also want to make a video series, an education portal and a Graph booth inside our project (which is part of a spaceship called Promethei Terra) Promethei Terra WIP - Google Drive.

Goals and MIlestones

We are currently in the development stage. We have made the structure of the briefing room where events will be hosted as part of Promethei Terra cultural services. We also have two rooms where we can place booths and specific computers which can give more information about The Graph as well as direct to links desired by The Graph. We will generate passive marketing for The Graphby creating wearables and producing catchy POAP art for distribution through our Controller of Attendance Token (C.A.T.). We will do live events where members can discuss The Graph or create pre-recorded videos for events. We will host large events thanks to our infrastructure already developed. Last time we hosted a big event was for Phantasma Chain and we had over 20,000 people attend the event. Our website has also been updated recently and we now have a learning management system (LMS) developed by google (google classroom).

The current funding we seek will cover the development and operating status of the project for a year. The current milestones are:

Month-1: Development of booth services and habilitation of the briefing room for The Graph events. Create mentimeter forms to receive feedback during events and give this feedback to our development team as well as The Graph in order to make better events or gather information about what the users think about The Graph. Enable POAP services to provide attendees with rewards for participating in events. Start of development of an engaging learning series on our LMS and video series. We have the current plan developed here: Month-2: begin scheduling events via Decentraland DAO, Begin scheduling POAPs for distribution, integrate wearable services to provide free wearables for attending members, begin production of the learning series on youtube and the LMS, coordinate between The Graph and our community to spread the word about the upcoming events in Decentraland, and finalize testing and deployment of the updated briefing room in Promethei Terra.

Month-3: Deploy the first instance of The Graph powered Promethei Terra. Produce the first events. Make engaging quests for non-The Graph and The Graph users via quest3 to provide extra rewards (such as NFTs or currency). Receive feedback via mentimeter. Deploy wearables for participating members, Provide POAPs to participating members. Continue production of the LMS and youtube series. Program fresh set of events for month 4 (include festivals that might happen around the world).

Month-4: Deploy new events in a similar format as previous month except with consideration of feedback from users to make the experience better. Deploy the first learning block about The Graph in the LMS and youtube series. Coordinate with team members for fresh events for month 5. Perform a Promethei Terra maintenance and produce wearables for Month 5 and 6.

Month-5: Deploy new events with enhanced user feedback. Deploy the second learning block and video series. Start live youtube talks about the Graph and host twitter spaces.

Month-6 Deploy new events with enhanced user feedback. Start conceptualizing and producing new wearables that will be used for months 7 and 8. Deploy the third learning block and video series about the Graph. Continue with the youtube series and twitter spaces. Use mentimeter to continue improving our delivery of content. Continue to use quest3 for rewards. We continue to stabilize and continue with format until month 12. Receive feedback from the Graph and request funding for the second year.

Funding Request and Budget Breakdown *

Tell us how much money you need, and a simple breakdown (if any) on how you plan to spend it.

Percentages or dollar amounts?

Developer team: $56,400
Teachers: $39,600
Infrastructure: $26,900
Prizes: $2000
Tax 30%: $37,470
Grand total including taxes: $162,370

What sort of impact will your project have on the graph?

We love working with awesome projects around the crypto world. We are currently working with rarible marketplace, POAP, Polygon chain, and Phantasma chain on making users more engaged in crypto whether they are new users of crypto or old users. We firmly believe in the collaboration and growth of the network around crypto. We believe the Graph is of great potential to the crypto world and as such we want to engage in producing the best experiences for users in order to benefit the growth of the Graph community. The success of our project will on-board new users onto the Graph ecosystem through the channels (like google classroom, youtube, etc) already known by web2 users and already experienced web3 users. Educating folks about the Graph through a metaverse game like Decentraland, and an already established education platform like google classroom, will help to onboard more people and expand Graph knowledge.

We would like to learn more about why you want to work with The Graph

We are seeking to provide a powerful positive impact about the graph where we expand user knowledge about the graph and relate the ecosystem with positive aspects about its development. We want to empower the graph and let users know more about the brand and engage with the Graph. We also seek to create a community where prospective users could even become developers or deploy projects on the graph ecosystem.

How much funding are you looking for?

Developer team: $56,400
Teachers: $39,600
Infrastructure: $26,900
Prizes: $2000
Tax 30%: $37,470
Grand total including taxes: $162,370

Have you received funding from somewhere else?

Yes, we received an approximate $10,000 in funding from Polygon EDAO, and $50,000 from Polygon

Are you applying as a team or an individual?


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Past work?

We are a Game studio developing a First Person Shooter (FPS) & Real Time Strategy (RTS) metaverse game on the Blockchain. We have been developing metaverse experiences for a year and a half and continue to push forward with our game vision. We are currently in a partnership with Polygon DAO, Phantasma chain, Pollinate, and recently Proof Of Attendance Protocol (POAP). We are currently in the pre-alpha version deployment iteration of the game in Decentraland. We are using direct feedback from players to keep growing and let the community establish the correct guidelines to continue making an awesome game. Once we finish with our Alpha game deployment in Decentraland, we plan to release our own standalone game which will incorporate a unique system of NFT transfer across chains. We are developers and creators who love blockchain and have created NFT’s, Educational Content, Controller of Attendance Token (C.A.T.) to distribute POAP’s, and our own Stellar Gate Community.

We have participated in numerous event creations in Decentraland last year not limited to the 2021 Metaverse Festival, Decentraland Fashion Show, Art week, and more. We also developed one of the first museums in Decentraland in collaboration with many artists and created weekly events performed by various artists. We also created two metaverse experiences for Polygon in Decentraland. Recently we have focused on finalizing the upgraded version of delivering POAP in Decentraland, which tracks information and relays it to companies. We are now currently working on expanding Stellar Gate via the Promethei Terra cultural services as a way to expand the crypto knowledge of individuals and create a better experience regarding crypto.
Our education and expertise is based on real life experiences as well as metaverse experiences. Our current lead, Jorge Bartra, has led many projects in NASA robotic competitions as well as successfully completing two NASA space academy missions earning certificates from NASA in the area of project management and research. Jorge has been in academia for a long time and has gained knowledge in the area of correct teaching techniques. Throughout this past year we have focused on leading a massive undertaking in the area of crypto with limited resources and have been able to achieve continuation of the project even through market turbulence for a year and a half. Our current team is formed by experts in the field of front end and backend development, blockchain, and server infrastructure. We are pushing the boundaries of technology and are focusing on future Artificial Intelligence (A.I) development for the next iteration of the game. Please visit our webpage for more information here:

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Lima time


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Website in the ecosystem section

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