The Graph enables paying for queries using credit card

Paying for queries on The Graph Network is now as easy as swiping a credit card!

You asked for an easier way to use The Graph & The Graph’s core devs listened. Now you can pay your query fee balance via debit or credit card, thanks to the new Banxa fiat onramp.

How does it work? Simply click “pay with card” in Subgraph Studio, fill out any payment info with Banxa, and complete the transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed, the GRT will automatically be added to your billing balance on Arbitrum. Now you can bypass using an exchange and pay for query fees on The Graph directly - as easily as swiping a credit card.

This update is one of many on The Graph ecosystem’s R&D roadmap to enhance the billing process for developers and data consumers. The future of web3 entails user experiences that surpass the ergonomics of traditional SaaS business without sacrificing any of the benefits of decentralized technology. The Graph is paving the way towards that future with this integration, with more billing improvements to come!

Learn how to use Banxa on The Graph here: