Boba BNB Integration

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About Boba BNB

Add any general information about the blockchain that the Graph protocol should support

  • Is Mainnet available already? Yes

Number of protocols on the chain: 88

(#) of unique addresses on the chain: 35680

Active Addresses: Nansen/Dune/Artemis

1 Day: 109

7 Day: 331

30 Day: 1860

TVL on the Chain: 19.25M

Note: Defi llama excludes assets sitting on chain but not deployed. L2 Beat counts all holistic holdings as shown above.

Contact Information

Boyuan Chen, lead developer for Boba Network.

  • Are you part of the blockchain’s core development team? Yes
  • Are you part of the team that built and/or tested the integration with Graph Node? Yes

Graph Node integration

Add here all the details related to:

Indexer Documentation >

We will upgrade to anchorage and the process may take awhile. Once that is done we will provide new instructions ^

Indexer Documentation

Provide detailed information for Graph Indexers to support the new chain, which means running the RPC and/or Firehose stack. Examples:

  • Hardware requirements
    4vCPU + 16GB memory + 1TB disk
  • Complete Docker and/or bare metal guides to run a node
    The snapshot is not required
  • Available snapshots required to run nodes
    We will upgrade to Anchorage in next two or three months
  • Average frequency of upgrades or hard-forks
  • Available monitoring solutions (Prometheus, Grafana dashboards, etc.)
    Yes, we will provide detailed monitor solutions after migrating to Anchorage