Coinbase The Graph "quest"... tokens stuck, never received.. any help?

Hey there all, Coinbase directed me to reach out to y’all at the support team to see if an ongoing and unresolved issue can be, well… resolved.

I had $35 and change in GRT back in October 2023 that I was supposed to receive after completing the GRT “quest” , but instead of it going into my wallet and transferring into my Coinbase account, it ended up in limbo… it has a couple of transactions IDs, with it very clearly moving but regardless it’s still “Stuck”, as one Coinbase rep put it.

They (Coinbase) said that since they don’t support it (what??? News to me) that even though it is somewhere and it did route to the correct address, Coinbase doesn’t support it so it’s stuck until 1. Coinbase supports it one day never and it automagically ends up on my account or 2. Graph support can wave their magic wand and push it back to my Coinbase wallet.

Is Coinbase giving me the run around or is it actually possible to request help here from support for this issue?

Any assistance is appreciated! Thanks in advance!


Omg, so many scammers sending messages. :roll_eyes:


Many others did the same thing. The exchange Coinbase does have a warning that only ETH network supported for GRT. From what I gather you will be able to access these once Coinbase supports GRT on Arb network and not lost forever. I believe the wallet now has big warning that Coinbase doesn’t support GRT on Arb. Let’s hope Coinbase does in fact support GRT on Arb soon!