I cannot see my staked graph

I am connecting my coinbase wallet to graph explorer but cannot see my staked graph tokens even though I have an ammount staked for over 6 months
By connecting wallet it shows ZERO balance
Any help?

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Anyway to provide you wallet address to check?

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This is the transaction hash


This is my wallet


Thankyou for the help

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Hey. Looks like you undelegated. Here is graphscan Graphscan

Here is tutorial to get back to your wallet How to undelegate your GRT tokens in The Graph | by Graphtronauts | Coinmonks | Medium

I hope this helps


When I click that it wants to connect MetaMask wallet I did it thru Coinbase wallet
How do I do it on Coinbase wallet?
When I go to graph page thru Coinbase wallet it shows zero GRT tokens yet the page you showed me here shows 115 undelegated coins

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I would head to this 0xfc1e06559ec02c0ae74edb47a3721e6df5c119f9 | Graph Explorer | Profile Details then connect your Coinbase wallet. Then head to the bottom and hit withdrawal. If it attempt to connect to your metamask maybe go to manage extensions and temporarily disable MM wallet extension until you are done.


It is now fixed. I finaly got grt out THANKYOU