Connecting to Metamask

When I attempt to connect via Metamask I see the below error in the console.

Error connecting to metamask: No provider selected for request wallet_requestPermissions

Hey! thanks for posting

Could you give more context on what browser you are trying to use metamask, which website. A screenshot could also help.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Martin,

When I visit: Participants | Graph Explorer

Then attempt to click on Connect then Metamask it doesn’t do anything. I see that error I mentioned in the dev console every time I click on the Metamask option shown in the screen grab below.

Device Specs:
Apple Mac: MacOS Big Sur v 11.4 (20F71)
Chrome Version: 92.0.4515.107

Try to right click on metamask extension icon and give it permissions to read data from all websites. See if that fixes anything. 🤷🏻

Thanks but no luck. However, after trying what you mentioned I saw a “connected sites” button which I was able to manually add the graph site and it’s working now.