How can I change the wallet account in Metamask to connect?

When connected to the wallet, the Graph app connect to the wrong account in MetaMask wallet, but it does’t let to choose what account (wallet) to connect, and it is doing to the wrong wallet account.
please help me with this issue.


Hello :wave:

Assuming that you are using Metamask, you should be able to see three dots in the top right of the plugin. Once you click that, if you click connected sites, you should be able to disconnect your connection to The Graph.
You should then be able to select your new account / wallet and connect it to the site.

Alternatively, on The Graph’s website, when you click on your wallet address in the top right, there is a switch wallet button that should appear. This should enable you to switch your wallet.


Trying to get help from Moderators but in the meantime: please beware of the scammers above - those links are malicious and they are not real support agents.

Edit: they’ve been deleted now :slight_smile:

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Thank you Mitchell it work, every day I learn somethig in this cripto word.
have a nice day