Delegated token is missing after deducted fee

Delegated token is missing, and the transaction fee has been deducted. Overview panel shows 0.
This is the transaction number.
Please advice, this is very confusing!!!
Thank you!!

There are two transactions involved when you’re taking protocol actions, whether they are delegation, staking or curating.
First you have to approve the transaction on the token contract in order for the staking/curation contracts to be able to spend your balance.
Then you have to take the action to delegate/stake/curate.

You only approved the transaction (first step). You have to do it again with the same amount of tokens (or less) in order to delegate. Keep in mind that if you try to delegate n+1 tokens or more, you’ll have to approve once again.

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Hey brother,
Thanks for your reply, but we still a bit confused.
We have two approve transactions with the same amount now, as you suggested, but the delegating tokens still showing 0. I’m sending you a screenshot. As well, there’s no pop up window opened to delegate. (we got that from a video tutorial to learn how to do it}, but our system is not giving us that window.
Any advice will be appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance.

From the screen shot, it appears you have staked 5.0K GRT. Were you trying to stake the other 5.0k that is in your wallet?