Edge & Node's October/November Update

:woman_astronaut: Executive Summary

At Edge & Node, we are on a mission to make The Graph the internet’s unbreakable foundation of open data to create a world powered by individual autonomy, shared self-sovereignty and limitless collaboration. As we accelerate towards a vibrant, decentralized future, we continue to share high level summaries on updates that are most relevant to core devs and the community. Read on to discover what we’ve been up to!

Notable October Accomplishments:

  • We teased, then announced, the Sunrise of Decentralized Data to the world!
  • We released Graph Node v0.33
  • We published a GIP about GIPs! See GIP-0061: Improvements to the GIP process
  • We finished setting up the upgrade Indexer base infrastructure to support The Sunrise (following the announcement of the upgrade Indexer to the broader community)
  • We extracted allocation monitoring and common components for an indexer-service framework into libraries to make it easier to build data services

This list is non-exhaustive — for more details on the above and other accomplishments, please read on.

1. Increased Adoption of The Graph Network

  • The adoption of The Graph Network is accelerating. With 18 new upgrades in October, The Graph Network:
    • Reached a new high for monthly data consumers paying query fees at 210+ data consumers
    • Reached a new high for subgraphs with 1,000+ monthly queries — over 370 subgraphs now generate this monthly volume (up 18%+ MoM)
    • Increased query volume by over 40% MoM, driven by new upgrades and increased dapp activity in web3
  • There are now over 1,400 subgraphs published on the The Graph Network, demonstrating that dapp developers continue to show demand for subgraphs used in production
  • We have continued to help scale Arbitrum adoption on The Graph Network
    • Over 1 Billion GRT has moved to Arbitrum, representing over 40% of all GRT flowing through The Graph Network
    • 47% of all active subgraphs with 1000+ in monthly queries are now on Arbitrum, an increase of 28% since the end of Q2
    • Almost 60% of all of The Graph Network’s query volume is now taking place on Arbitrum
  • Non-rate-limited support for Scroll mainnet is live in Subgraph Studio, now serving data in production

2. Improving The Graph Network experience

  • The newly released Graph Node v0.33 contains the following major feature improvements:
    • Arweave file data sources allow subgraph developers to access offchain data from Arweave from within the subgraph mappings
    • Significant performance improvements have been achieved for Substreams-based subgraphs by moving Substreams processing to the block stream
    • Polling block handler is a new block handler filter which is useful for actions such as taking periodic snapshots of a smart contract’s state
    • Initialization handler is a new block handler filter which allows performing more specific tasks at the beginning of indexing
    • DataSourceContext in manifest is a new feature which allows templating of chain-specific data under certain conditions
  • We integrated TAP payments into a Rust rewrite of the indexer-service

3. Empowering the wider ecosystem of The Graph

  • The Graph’s Sunrise of Decentralized Data announcement details objectives of each phase:
    • Sunray: Enable support for hosted service chains and subgraphs via the upgrade Indexer, launch an easy upgrade interface & offer a free query plan on the network
    • Sunbeam: Introduction of a 60-day upgrade window to upgrade hosted service subgraphs, with dedicated upgrade support
    • Sunrise: Hosted service endpoints will expire as all subgraphs upgrade to The Graph Network
  • We published GIP-0061: Improvements to the GIP process in order to simplify the process and bring some clarity so that it’s easier for people who want to improve The Graph to bring their ideas to the community and eventually deploy the improvements if they are accepted
  • Educated on GIP-0057, aka the new Chain Integration Process for enabling indexing rewards on chains supported by The Graph Network
  • Continued to educate The Graph on L2 with Arbitrum One, sharing example for Delegators, detailing overall benefits, and sharing the L2 Transfer Tools FAQ
  • Are you an AI creator? We co-marketed using The Graph and LLMs with Playgrounds!
  • The House of Web3 received 50 New Co-Creator Requests, hosted a Podcast Recording with Rachel Wolfson and Binance Chief Compliance Officer, and hosted two full-day conferences with Hyperledger and Sony
  • In Developer Relations, we gave a 3.5-hour full stack dapp development bootcamp, gave a workshop about Querying The Graph Network, shipped another Graph Builders Newsletter, hosted 2 Graph Builders Office Hours, and spoke at The Graph @ Stanford, among many other events and releases.

What’s Next

We continue pushing towards the Sunrise of Decentralized Data:

  • Continue the network dapp upgrade momentum to finish the year stronger than ever as we march towards Sunrise
  • Continue L2 adoption on the network to enabled faster and lower cost transactions on the network, increasing network efficiency and increased participant adoption around the world
  • Make a big splash at DevConnect/ETHGlobal Istanbul:
    • Multiple workshops, talks, panels, etc. already lined up.
    • Create on-the-ground marketing content: Interviews with builders
    • Maintain high percentage of submissions for The Graph at ETHGlobal Istanbul. Goal: above 15%.
  • Break down what the Sunrise means for each participant type in The Graph ecosystem: dapp developers, data consumers, Indexers, Delegators, Curators, etc.
  • Continue integration of recurring payments in Subgraph Studio
  • Execute functional and performance tests of the Upgrade Indexer
  • Continue work on the Sunrise claim flow and interoperability between Subgraph Studio and Upgrade Indexer

We continue collaborating on improvements to The Graph Network:

  • Deploy The Graph Network to Sepolia testnet

  • Evaluate the next indexing rewards increase for The Graph Network on L2 with The Graph Council

  • Publish a first draft of The Graph Horizon GIP, including details on Flat Indexing Rewards

  • Define the base specs for the proposed Horizon protocol, data services smart contracts, and an overall roadmap

    • Worked on an architecture outline of the off-chain components needed to implement a data service
  • Work on getting consensus for Direct Indexing Payments (GIP-0058 Replacing Bonding Curves with Indexing Fees)

  • Work on a TAP Agent to manage payment receipt aggregation

  • Complete the Indexer service framework and gateway framework to build data services

A very warm welcome to all the new faces - if you aren’t yet participating in The Graph Network, we invite you to! Efforts on both the DevRel and Business Development fronts have supercharged network upgrade efforts thanks to talks, workshops, panels and countless partner meetings.


Is there a public dashboard available to monitor query volume to verify the below? If so, can you please share it?

“Increased query volume by over 40% MoM, driven by new upgrades and increased dapp activity in web3”

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