Edge & Node’s November/December Update

:woman_astronaut: Executive Summary

At Edge & Node, we are on a mission to make The Graph the internet’s unbreakable foundation of open data to create a world powered by individual autonomy, shared self-sovereignty and limitless collaboration. November brings us closer to our mission with an invigorating, expanded vision detailed with a new roadmap, a full day of data-powered development during Devconnect, new improvements to The Graph Network and much more. Learn how Edge & Node continues to fortify the The Graph’s user experience and network adoption looking at December and beyond.

Notable November Accomplishments:

  • In conjunction with The Graph Foundation, we assembled and marketed the New Era of The Graph campaign, clarifying The Graph’s roadmap for new data services and use cases
  • Our presence at Datapalooza during DevConnect in Istanbul included 33 projects using The Graph, and the conference features 3 speakers from The Graph on topics from data standards to Gossip Network and high-performance queries using SQL
  • We revamped the chain integration process, speeding up the timeframe to add new chains
  • We deployed The Graph Network testnet to Sepolia with all network components and deprecated the Göerli environment.

This list is non-exhaustive — for more details on the above and other accomplishments, please read on.

1. Increasing Adoption of The Graph Network

  • The adoption of The Graph Network is accelerating. With 24 new upgrades in November The Graph Network is now home to:
    • 1,475 subgraphs total published on the network, up 6% MoM
    • Of which, 425 subgraphs have 1K+ in monthly queries
      • A new all time high - up 15% MoM
  • We have continued to help scale The Graph Network participants transfer to L2 on Arbitrum:
    • 1.8B+ GRT is now on Arbitrum, representing over 68% of all GRT flowing in the protocol
    • Over 65% of all of The Graph Network’s query volume is now taking place on Arbitrum
      • In particular, 55%+ of all subgraphs with 1K+ monthly queries are now on Arbitrum (up from 47% last month)

2. Improving The Graph Network experience

  • The Graph Council approved GGP-0033: Increase L2 rewards to 95%. Now most indexing rewards are distributed on Arbitrum, encouraging participants to take advantage of vastly lower gas costs on L2.
  • To improve the use of arbitration from other contracts, we started a governance vote for GIP-41: Store Dispute Status
  • To reduce friction around subgraph version upgrades, we started a governance vote for GIP-59: Remove Owner Tax
  • OpenZeppelin finished the audit of Scalar/Time-Aggregation Protocol (TAP) escrow and we deployed the contracts on Sepolia Testnet. The goal is to minimize trust requirements between payers and payees while building a system that’s scalable, fast, robust, and cheap. We did this in collaboration with Semiotic.
  • We submitted Rust framework for building new types of data services provided by Indexers, which is currently in review alongside Semiotic.
    • Create Indexer service framework
    • Refactor of the Rust Indexer-service to use this framework being tested
    • Port of subgraph indexer-service to the Indexer service framework
  • We heard the community’s feedback and amended GIP-0058: Replacing Bonding Curves with Indexing Fees (a way for Indexers to get paid directly by users for indexing). We clarified what this means for Curation as well as how Horizon comes into the fold.
  • To further decentralization, we started the governance vote period to remove the requirement of specific governance-approved entities in order to pay query fees to Indexers on The Graph Network. Voting on GIP-56: Enable permissionless payers is happening here.
  • To optimize the Indexer and Delegator dynamic, we started the governance vote period to remove the delegation parameters cooldown period. Voting on GIP-62: Remove delegation parameters cooldown is happening here.

3. Empowering the wider ecosystem of The Graph

  • Edge & Node continues to create content to engage and educate the ecosystem — followers viewed 46,000 minutes of video content from The Graph’s X account in the last month, constituting over 1,800% from the month prior.
  • We continued to update the community on additional progress made towards the Sunrise of decentralized data by releasing more details about the three Sunrise Phases to upgrade the hosted service to The Graph Network
  • We gave virtual presentations about The Graph at two international events:
    • Chains Beyond Borders in Dubai
    • BlockhashCon in South America
  • The House of Web3 hosted an immersive web3 art event and its second BuildEth event

What’s Next

We continue pushing towards the Sunrise of Decentralized Data:

  • We plan to kickoff the Sunray phase (first phase of Sunrise) soon with the launch of the upgrade Indexer
  • Maintain the network dapp upgrade momentum to finish the year stronger than ever as we march towards Sunrise
  • Continue heralding L2 adoption on the network to enable faster and lower cost transactions on the network, increasing network efficiency, and increasing participant adoption around the world
  • Promoting The Graph Network’s 3rd birthday in San Francisco and worldwide!
  • Solidify 2024 marketing as the beginning of the New Era, ushering in new data services and use cases made possible by The Graph serving even more data needs
  • We will turn off test mode for the Upgrade Indexer in the near future, making it fully production-enabled
  • Planning Sunrise-related changes to Graph CLI with The Guild

We continue collaborating on DevEx, UX and feature improvements to The Graph Network:

  • Develop and educate the community on exciting new Sunray developments, such as the upgrade interface flow and the free query plan
  • Continue honing in on the chain integration process to speed up execution and ensure The Graph is always the choice that chains make when launching
  • Publish a blog post detailing the protocol’s proposed evolution through Horizon and share in Indexer Office Hours
  • Continue seeking feedback and working on consensus for GIP-0058: Replacing Bonding Curves with Indexing Fees
  • Work on revocable query keys within the subscription feature of network Billing
  • Optimize infrastructure use for Subgraph Studio to make it more efficient
  • We are looking into chain requests made from the Messari team
  • Substreams triggers in subgraphs: working with StreamingFast to allow subgraph developers to write additional handlers for the output from specific Substreams modules
  • Introducing Timestamps to Graph Node in collaboration with The Guild
  • Ideation & scoping for the SQL Data Service with Semiotic & StreamingFast