Geo June 2023 Update

:woman_astronaut: Summary

Hey everyone, this is our first core dev update! We’re not funded by the foundation but we want to be better integrated in the community so going forward we’ll be posting monthly updates and participating in other calls as core devs.

With Geo, we’re working to help communities organize knowledge and information directly on The Graph. They organize their information into a Knowledge Graph structure which is the most flexible way of representing information. Right now we’re manually creating Spaces and onboarding Editors. Later this year we’ll introduce permissionless spaces and governance so that large communities can get to consensus on the state of their knowledge graph.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

  • We relaunched Geo Genesis at a launch event at House of Web3 and posted the video. Watch it!
  • We launched a new website at
  • We launched pages and table blocks. Content looks beautiful. See pages like the ReFi category in the Crypto space, as a simple example.
  • We’re running the Geo Explorers program to onboard new editors onto Geo. Every month we distribute prizes in GRT to the top editors. We meet every week so that people can demo the work they’ve done and we’re 2 months into the program now. There’s great progress being made in the following spaces:
  • We’re hosting weekly Future Thinkers Collective meetups online to discuss philosophical questions in ethics, governance, social organization, and the future of web3. In May we held meetups on:
  • Hosting We :purple_heart: SF meetups every week at House of Web3 to bring people together to solve San Francisco’s biggest challenges using web3. Our big focus is working to end homelessness in SF. In May we had meetups on:
  • We hosted an event at House of Web3 with San Francisco supervisor Joel Engardio. He’s one of 11 people who make the laws for the city. It was big to introduce him to web3 and help educate web3 builders about how the city works and how to get involved to make a change.

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Our next big milestone we’re rallying towards is 100 active editors. We’re hoping to get there in the next 2-3 months.
  • We’re working on a bunch of polish features that will make adding content to Geo even easier.
    • Relation value types, so that you can restrict what types relations can be
    • Find or create - so you can create entities inline when there are no results in a relation search
    • Add more advanced types like Date, Web URL, Video
    • CSV import
    • Ability to view diffs for past proposals in history view
    • Infinite scroll for history view
    • Table configuration UI
    • Bullet lists in Text blocks

We’re also going to be working to create more subspaces working out of House of Web3 to help end homelessness in San Francisco using Web3. We’re pushing the state of the art for DAOs to show how DAOs can make an impact at a local level. Should have some good news to report next month!

Other notes

We’ve been building Geo on the side but we’re ready to start integrating this more deeply with The Graph ecosystem. I’m looking forward to working closely with everyone to use The Graph to organize and serve all the world’s public knowledge and information in a decentralized way, and to use web3 to help solve the world’s biggest challenges. It’s going to be great :woman_astronaut: