Geo August 2023 Update

:woman_astronaut: Summary

We’re continuing to polish Geo Genesis with our initial set of editors and have started work on a big upcoming release. We’ve decided that even with a dozen or so active editors, we’re able to learn everything we need and can continue adding new features and adding new power tools. There’s limited benefit to marketing and focusing on growth until we have the full self service experience built out. We also decided that rather than dripping out features one at a time, we’re going to do a big release and create a really big splash around it once the full multiplayer permissionless version is ready.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

  • Added web URL types
  • Added date types
  • Improved the Editor so it doesn’t need to hard reload the page on table block changes
  • Updated the navbar for easier navigation
  • Optimized performance for faster page loads
  • Progress on native app
  • Hired 2 new engineers starting in August and September
  • Held weekly We :purple_heart: SF events focusing primarily on Workforce Development DAO design for ending homelessness in SF.
  • Got the Transitional Housing DAO to start meeting regularly as a break out group
  • Started getting momentum on the News space, where we’re organizing top News events, linking them to the top Articles covering that event, and adding the top claims and positions
  • Lots of new content in Psychology, History, Education, Energy, Sustainability, and other spaces.
  • Held Philosophy meetups on Financial risk, Voting, and Cultural relativism
  • Started work on the Geo substream and subgraph code gen

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Continue work on profiles and personal spaces
  • Our big focus is working toward our big social launch. People will be able to create a full professional profile. We want to have a really streamlined onboarding experience for individuals and teams. That’s going to work with personal spaces and public spaces. We’re also going to be working on governance and voting as part of that.
  • Continuing work on the Geo substream + subgraph codegen
  • Working on scripts to help us update large amounts of data at once. We’re going to use this to find entities with dangling references and delete those triples.
  • CSV import
  • Continue spawning individual DAOs focused on different parts of the homelessness problem

Other notes

  • Our Substreams work is going to be blocked on IPFS/Arweave support in Substreams very soon.
  • We may run into performance issues when we need to make frequent subgraph updates once we have subgraph code gen. The goal here is to have 1 subgraph per space where the schema for the subgraph matches the types in the space. Every time the types change in the space, we’ll need to update the subgraph. This may happen several times a day.