Geo June 2024 Update

:woman_astronaut: Summary

We had a really productive month. I think we’re hitting a critical mass of alignment with core devs which has been great to see. Several teams have started getting involved which we appreciate a lot.

We’re still working towards launch. No dates have been set but we’re making good progress.

Since we’re not giving detailed updates till launch, I’ll use the space to share some interesting areas for exploration:

Subgraph → Knowledge graph data service
What would it look like to ingest existing subgraph data into a knowledge graph? For example, could we stream DAO data into a knowledge graph? Protocols like Snapshot have proposals for DAOs. The DAOs are tied to organizations. Could we link the organizations and the people who published the proposals to entities? Once data is in a knowledge graph, we could link to other things like forum posts, tasks, roadmap items, chats, and other artifacts. Communities could better structure debates around protocol changes and make sure that all valid concerns are being addressed. Since the data would be coming from a subgraph, it would update in realtime.

We have so much incredible data in subgraphs. How amazing would it be to leverage all of that with an expanded set of tools for linking and enriching the data into higher forms of knowledge and understanding?

Food for thought.