The Graph's Community Talk #36

The Graph’s Community Talk #36 was held on Tuesday, June 18th @8am PST.

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Section Description
General Updates (00:00) Overview of current updates and announcements
Upcoming Events Info about upcoming events in Brussels
Core Dev Forum Updates Updates from core developers in The Graph community
Recent Releases | GRTiQ Podcast Latest podcast episodes
GrapHERClub Podcast Episode #8 Link to the latest episode of GrapHERClub Podcast
The Sunrise of Decentralized Data | Paolo (00:28) The History of The Graph Network and the Sunrise of Decentralized Data
Everclear (Formerly Connext) (10:31) Presentation on Everclear
How Everclear Implements The Graph Discussion on how Everclear utilizes The Graph for data access
Hack’n Heights Online Hackathon (27:00) Summary of an online hackathon and its winners
Small Graph Africa Update (29:27) Update on activities and community development in Africa

General Updates (00:00)

Upcoming Events

Next month in Brussels, Belgium, there will be two major events along with numerous side events. The main events are EthCC and ETHGlobal Brussels. A significant number of participants from The Graph ecosystem, especially those based in Europe, are expected to attend. If you are planning to go, please reach out in Discord so we can create a group chat and organize meetups. Several members from The Graph Foundation and Graph AdvocatesDAO will be there, making it a great opportunity for networking and socializing. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Core Dev Forum Updates

Core Developer Monthly Forum Update
Geo Forum Update
Messari Forum Update
The Guild Forum Update
Semiotic Forum Update
Edge & Node Forum Update
Pinax Forum Update
GraphOps Forum Update

Recent Releases | GRTiQ Podcast

Episode Number Guest Description
GRTiQ Podcast: 171 James Hendler
This episode features Dr. James Hendler, Director and Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a pioneer of the Semantic Web, known for transformative web innovations. It explores his extensive career from early AI research to his work on the Semantic Web with Tim Berners-Lee, his insights on emerging technologies like web3, and his reflections on the evolving field of technology.
GRTiQ Podcast: 172 Dan French
This episode features Dan French, CEO at ResProp and a real estate expert, who discusses the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to revolutionize real estate investment, purchase, and management. It covers his early interest in real estate, his career beginnings, the current market state, and the role of web3 in enabling broader participation in real estate investments and ownership.
GRTiQ Podcast: 173 Raullen Chai
This episode features Raullen Chai, CEO and Co-founder of IoTeX and MachineFi, discussing the innovative integration of decentralized finance (DeFi) with Internet of Things (IoT) devices through his platforms. The conversation covers his background with stints at Google, Uber, and Oracle, the inception of IoTeX and MachineFi, and their uses in enhancing IoT device interactions and financial activities, as well as the development of DePIN and its future implications in the web3 space.

GrapHERClub Podcast Episode #8

The Sunrise of Decentralized Data | Paolo (00:28)

The Graph’s Community Talk #36 kicked off with Paolo from The Graph Foundation, who gave us a showcase of the “Sunrise of Decentralized Data.” Paolo began by highlighting a global celebration that took place on Thursday, the 13th, which included a beautiful party hosted by Lorena in Buenos Aires. This event, termed the “Sunrise of The Graph,” marked a significant milestone in a journey that began six years ago.


In early June 2018, The Graph launched its hosted service as a temporary scaffold to bootstrap the decentralized ecosystem. Starting as a centralized server, the hosted service grew to host more than 40,000 subgraphs by 2018, demonstrating the immense potential and adoption of the technology. During Graph Day 2022, the roadmap for the sunset of the hosted service was defined, recognizing the complexities of building a decentralized infrastructure and the extensive coordination required among various actors worldwide.


The Graph Network was officially launched in December 2020, but from the perspective of where we are at now, the real launch of The Graph Network was on the 12th of June 2024. The hosted service is set to shut down by the end of the month, transitioning the ecosystem to a fully decentralized network. Currently, the decentralized network hosts over 6,000 subgraphs, including major projects like Aave, ENS, Uniswap, Lido, Balancer, SushiSwap, and Messari. This transition has resulted in almost 1 billion queries in the last 30 days, marking an 11x growth compared to the same period last year.

While the The Graph Network now has around 6,000 active subgraphs, it’s important to note that the majority of the subgraphs on the hosted service were for testing and training. The 6,000 subgraphs on the decentralized network are real applications consuming data, leading to a year-over-year query fees growth of 376%. This growth is expected to continue as the recent migration gains momentum.


The Graph Network offers 99.9% uptime, supported by over 100 Indexers worldwide, ensuring reliability and performance. Paolo acknowledged the invaluable contributions of the support team. Notably, Yasshhh.eth transitioned from the Advocates program to become a full-time engineer, playing a key role in this critical upgrade. The talk concluded with Paolo expressing gratitude to everyone involved in making this transition a success, highlighting the collaborative efforts that have made The Graph’s decentralized network a reality.

Everclear (Formerly Connext) (10:31)

Everclear, formerly known as Connext, presented in the second segment of the meeting. Everclear, which has a history of collaborating with The Graph ecosystem dating back to the pre-2020 era, initially focused on L2 scalability and micro-payments. They contributed to early micro-payment designs within The Graph ecosystem. Celebrating the recent achievement of The Graph’s Sunrise milestone, it was highlighted that The Graph is now the largest decentralized infrastructure network of its scale.

In 2021, Connex pivoted to focus on interoperability, addressing the challenge of onboarding and off-boarding users from roll-ups. Everclear developed an intent-based model where third-party service riders, known as solvers, front capital to users on target chains and get repaid by the protocol. This model simplifies user interactions across chains, leveraging solvers to manage the complexities of bridging funds. Inspired by traditional finance, Everclear employs a netting solution to offset bidirectional payments and reduce operational complexity. Data shows that 80% of cross-chain volume is nettable, potentially reducing the need for actual bridging, with private data from centralized exchanges possibly increasing this percentage above 90%.

Currently live on testnet, Everclear is preparing for its mainnet launch. It is built as an Arbitrum Orbit rollup and connects to other chains using Hyperlane and its Eigenlayer Active Verification System (AVS).

How Everclear Implements The Graph

Everclear leverages The Graph to read data from multiple chains, ensuring seamless access to both data and liquidity. The long-term vision is to enable any rollup to access seamless liquidity from day one, supporting the view that rollups are the new servers. Everclear aims to provide out-of-the-box access to ecosystem liquidity, regardless of deployment specifics. Unlike aggregators, Everclear operates at the bottom of the stack, supporting bridges behind the scenes to enhance liquidity, pricing, and chain support.

Hack’n Heights Online Hackathon (27:00)

During the last week of June, as part of ETH Berlin, an online hackathon was organized in collaboration with Plurality, Chainlink, and Pinax, focusing on decentralized data. The hackathon featured several tracks with substantial prizes: Plurality had a 1,000 USDT track, and The Graph organized a track with a 1,000 USDT prize as well. Chainlink offered three different tracks. The winning project for The Graph’s track was One Ticket, a platform that allowed users to create and resell tickets for events.

Small Graph Africa Update (29:27)

Chidubem shared a small update on The Graph Africa, including a two-week hacker house event. This event combines community building and hacking activities, where participants bond, code, and learn together. In Nigeria, advocates attended and spoke at two workshops: the WeaveDB campus meetup tour and the on-chain summer build-a-thon in Lagos. These efforts highlight the vibrant and dynamic nature of The Graph Africa community.

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