Grant Appropriate?

I currently am working with the student blockchain club at my alma mater Uni. There is a healthy group of around twenty active, eager, and talented students who I would love to direct over to the Graph, introducing them to the platform and getting them to start operating subgraphs, delegating, and potentially even running our own server in the future.

Is this something that would be appropriate to apply for a grant for?
FYI The university does not have the ability to financially support us in any way. They merely provide the meeting space and computers to use during meetings.


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What kind of involvement are you looking for? Is this regarding a specific tool you want to create?
If you do not have yet a specific project, why not to join the Graph Advocates Program?

The Graph Advocates is a community-driven initiative serving as a portal into web3 for people all across the world. Advocates have the unique opportunity to learn and contribute to The Graph community and web3 mission.

Link here to apply:

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Just applied and think I got an email asking me to schedule 2 15-min interviews (YAY! lol). I appreciate you!!

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