Understanding if our project is a dapp and a subgraph and a

I am composing a grant application and wonder if I can get some guidance.

We have several places we intersect and in some ways there is a dapp component via the interface. There is a subgraph that is quite complex and includes a data commons we are aspiring to activate with your support.

Would this constitute as a Dapp and a Subgraph?

What are the range of budgets for projects? This helps to understand the depth we can take the proposal to ensure we result in the best solution versus being overly ambitious - which we tend to be in our passion for what we are building.


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We have published recently our 2023 Annual Grant Report, you can look here and have an idea of what we funded:

Once ready, you can submit your grant proposal here:

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Thank you! yes, I have reviewed these. Given the focus is different each cycle and likely evolving even now, I am seeing projects differ radically over time. Seems like it’s a few areas:

  • subgraph
  • dapp (data commons seems more like an ecosystem growth contribution)
  • community education

Can I pick multiple categories?


data commons seems more like “tooling” but that is subjective