How Can We Integrate Our Own EVM-Compatible Chain into The Graph?

Hello everyone,

I am a blockchain developer currently working with my team on developing an EVM-compatible blockchain. We are keen on leveraging The Graph to enhance the queryability and accessibility of data on our chain. I am here seeking guidance and advice from the community on how to best integrate our chain with The Graph.

Specifically, I have adjusted questions regarding the integration process and the support available:

  1. Integration Support: What kind of services does The Graph officially provide to support the integration of other blockchains? For instance, is there support for hosting The Graph nodes for new blockchains? What steps should we follow to take advantage of such services?
  2. Technical Assistance: Given the potential complexities in integrating a new blockchain, does The Graph offer official technical support or partnerships for this process? Are there resources or channels through which we can seek assistance directly from The Graph team or collaborate to ensure a smooth integration?
  3. Cost Considerations: We understand that the official website mentions fees based on query volume. Are there any other costs associated with the integration, such as initial setup fees or ongoing costs for services like node hosting or technical support?

We look forward to unlocking the full potential of The Graph for our blockchain and are eager to learn from the community’s insights and experiences.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance!



For Chain Integration Process(CIP), here are some documentations that can help you on your way:

  1. Docs:
    Integrating New Networks | Docs | The Graph

  2. Blog:
    Integrate Your Chain with The Graph Network: Introducing the New Multi-Chain Expansion Process | Blog | The Graph

Wish you all the best.