How to contact a support team

Hi everyone, my name is Steve. I am trying to find out how to contact the Graph support team to get a staking issue resolved. Can anyone help me?

Hi Steve,
I can help. I’m part of the support team.
What issue are you having?

Hi Jerry, a while back I started staking the graph but now I don’t see the funds I delegated and I dont remember the delegator I staked with and I dont see the funds I submitted in my account. I have the information confirmed in my metamask account showing the transaction was successful. I am not sure how to trace what has happened. Your thoughts?

Do you have the transaction hash showing you delegated?

Yes I have it. I am trying to respond to you but I have to have at least 20 characters.

If you post your wallet address, someone can also take a look at history within Etherscan -

I already had that done with the assistance of a Metamask rep, but she couldn’t help me with the staking part and suggested that I contact the Graph support team.

Wallet address and/or transaction hash are things that are required to help you out and see what happened. Otherwise, it would be next to impossible to help you.

Thanks PaulieB, the information was helpful, it has helped me to understand the system better. I still have to locate the delegator on the graph site which is more challenging since the issue is now with my metamask wallet. The rep from the graph can`t seem to help me connect my wallet to the graph site.

Hi again all, here is the hash code for the transaction I sent to my graph account , maybe someone can help me figure out who my delegator is?
Thanks Steve.

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