I sent FTM by mistake to a site for GRT staking. Any chance I can get it back?

I sent FTM from my MetaMask wallet to GRT Indexer protofire.eth on The Graph Participants page. I was hoping there was some way to contact him to see if there’s any chance he could send it back to the MetaMask wallet. I’m new at this and not able to figure out everything on the page, specifically contact info for the Indexers.

The funds magically ended up back in my Binance US wallet. I was able to transfer them into the Meta Mask wallet but am now having difficulty connecting to that from the Fantom fWallet.

have you been able to connect your phantom wallet or still having issues? @Louise-L

Just a heads up Louise-L, there’s a response below from a user “dev_reply”
It looks like they joined this forum just to respond to you. It’s most likely a scammer, so I wouldn’t engage with them on this manner.
@dev_reply can help you publicly if they think they can actually help you to solve your issue.

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