Introducing monthly 1-pager updates on protocol R&D

Hi all! :wave:

The Foundation is spearheading an initiative to make protocol core development updates more accessible to the community, in a bite-sized format, with the goal of also collecting broader feedback on ongoing efforts. Core developers and researchers will begin sharing simple and easily digestible 1-pagers on a monthly basis here in the forum!

This will help in understanding how core dev teams are working toward the roadmap, have a better sense of priorities, and be up to speed with valuable deliverables and achievements that often go unnoticed. 1-pagers will be shared by both working group leads (ie. Data & APIs) as well as core dev team leads.

Forum organization changes

For this reason, we’ve:

In these 2 new subcategories, core contributors’ monthly updates will cover:

  • Major accomplishments (outcomes and user-focused such as R&D milestones, new software releases, new findings, new features, etc.)
  • Current priorities such as most active workstreams, and next month’s focus.
  • Any other highlights worth sharing with the broader community.

The Graph Roadmap

As announced in March 2022 with the roadmap update blogpost, core dev teams are organized into Working Groups (cross-functional R&D teams working on common areas of the protocol and stack). Most recently to scale Working Groups, Task Forces (TFs) have also been formalized as sub-groups, to deliver high-priority projects that are spun out of different WGs, in a shorter time frame. The Working Group Updates will encapsulate all the relevant Task Force updates too.

Also, stay tuned for an updated technical roadmap in 2023 and an introduction to Task Forces! :eyes: Task Forces will be added to The Core Dev Workspace with clearly laid out goals and measurable outcomes.

We’re inviting the community to participate, provide feedback, and ask questions!