Introducing New Tech for More Efficient Indexing

Introducing the Adaptive RPC Load Balancer on QuickNode Marketplace

Hi everyone! We’ve been working on developing an Adaptive RPC Load Balancer to make node operations more reliable, consistent, and scalable. We think indexer applications will especially benefit from usage.

Our own benchmarks show around 20% latency improvement for the median and significant error reduction rates. If that sounds interesting to anyone here we’d love to set up a quick demo and chat. You also check it out directly on the marketplace page.


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Top Reason to Use the Adaptive RPC Load Balancer?

There’s many, but the top one? People are sick of hitting 429 rate limiting and 5xx errors. What’s double worse is paying for the request that failed. So we set out to solve this problem.

Now there’s a solution, backed by extensive studies. Turn many endpoints into one super endpoint that handles the scale you need without the errors. It can handle Nx more requests with N being the number of requests/sec than any single endpoint can handle. That’s in addition to the other significant proven performance gains and error rate reductions you can expect from our adaptive load balancing technology, see our benchmarking section for details.

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