[Introducing] The Graph Academy

The Graph Ecosystem finds itself at a pivotal point in time: The accelerated growth of the network has led to an influx of new community members. This poses the key challenge of establishing seamless onboarding experiences as well as detailed knowledge bases for a wide variety of community members with different knowledge levels and varying participation roles. The complexities of The Graph Network further complicate the onboarding process for new participants, no matter if they are users, developers, indexers, curators or delegators.

The community feedback has shown clearly that problems in the onboarding process or a lack of easily available information will always have the consequence that the network as a whole suffers from it. It is therefore of existential importance to provide new and existing network participants a community-driven platform about The Graph Ecosystem that caters to the specific and highly individual needs of the different stakeholder groups of The Graph Network.

For the community, by the community

After being in stealth mode for quite some time now, we are excited to announce the launch of The Graph Academy – a new and community-driven platform for educational content, community documentation and an open-source library of resources for developers and network participants.

The Graph Academy is now live, paving the way for the seamless accessibility of information about The Graph Network. It provides step-by-step guides and tutorials for beginners as well as detailed (technical) documentation from authority figures within the network.

A Shared Vision

The vision behind The Graph Academy is to build the infrastructure that helps to accelerate the healthy growth of the community around The Graph Protocol. We seek to accomplish this vision by creating a vast knowledge base that allows community members to:

  • learn the intricacies of The Graph Protocol
  • accelerate their knowledge of the network
  • actively participate in creating docs and guides about The Graph

In doing so, The Academy will empower new network participants to find a suitable role, master their craft and become meaningful contributors to the ecosystem, be it as user, developer, indexer, curator or delegator.

As an extension of the official documentation by The Graph Network, The Graph Academy will help to onboard new dApp/subgraph developers, users, indexers, curators and delegators starting from scratch. The platform is intended to provide resources for all those who want to build decentralized applications that query data from The GraphQL API and those that want to participate in the network

Open Invitation to Join the Movement

The Graph Academy is a community-driven initiative – for the community, by the community.
Come join us in our quest to become the go-to-resource for new and seasoned community members alike to master The Graph and to further reduce the barrier to building the infrastructure for Web3 applications!

If you like to contribute, this is the right place to get started: https://discord.gg/APscJsSzGs