The Graph Foundation Q1 2021 Community Highlights

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a recap of some of the latest highlights for the first quarter of 2021 for The Graph Foundation.

Latest Highlights


We’ve allocated $5M in Wave 1 of The Graph Grants to support the protocol, tooling, dapps/subgraphs & community. Over 70 grants were funded from more than 200 applications globally!

Follow our official Graph Grants Twitter account to stay updated on grantee progress or join the Discord.

Learn more about the ongoing Grants Program here.

Governance Milestone

The first Town Hall meeting was hosted, covering the governance process: The Graph’s Town Hall Feb 23rd, 2021 - YouTube

The Graph Council passed and integrated GIP-0002 on March 29, completing The Graph’s first protocol upgrade using decentralized governance!

Community Signaling and Snapshot Polling for GIP-0002: Snapshot

The Graph Council Snapshot Voting to pass GIP-0002: Snapshot

The Graph Improvement Proposal (GIP) Process:

Subgraph Migration

Starting next month the first production subgraphs will begin migrating from The Graph’s hosted service to the decentralized network! This is an exciting next step in bootstrapping The Graph Network. Learn more about the migration process here:

Multi Blockchain Support

The Graph Community is working on adding support for Four Additional Blockchains: Polkadot, NEAR, Solana, Celo. At the same time, the Hosted Service added support for multiple chains (Matic, Fuse, Binance Smart Chain and Clover).


Over these last few months, the Graph Community launched some new community initiatives which you can follow in The Graph Forum.

Indexer Office Hours

Know your Indexer

This Month in the Graph Indexing

This Month in Curation

Developer Highlights

The Graph Academy