Introducing the Newest Council Member: Adam Fuller of Edge & Node

The Graph Foundation is pleased to announce the newest member to join The Graph Council, Adam Fuller. The Graph Council was formed at network launch to support The Graph Protocol by governing technical upgrades and the community treasury. The Council currently consists of 10 members representing five stakeholder groups: core developers, researchers, users/dapps, Indexers, and supporters. The Graph ecosystem is represented by these five groups on The Council to ensure that it makes decisions representative of the interests of all ecosystem contributors.

Adam Fuller will be joining The Council as a core developer representative. Adam is presently a Graph Node Product Manager at Edge & Node and joined The Graph shortly after the network launched. Adam is also the lead of the Data & API working group and has been critical to scaling The Graph R&D efforts. Adam is a builder through and through and enjoys creating art dapps in his free time. Before joining The Graph, Adam worked as a Product Manager with Circle.

Adam will replace Brandon Ramirez, who is stepping down as a voting member of The Council. Brandon is a co-founder of The Graph and former CEO at Edge & Node. The Council has approved Brandon to take on an Observing Member seat on The Council as he continues to contribute to The Graph’s vision. As co-founder, Brandon led the protocol design and helped establish many of the governance and research processes that continue to be critical to The Graph. Brandon has served as a voting member on The Council for the past three years.

We are excited to welcome Adam to The Graph Council and thrilled to see the continued growth of The Graph community!