The Graph Council - Meeting #30 Notes

Council members value transparency and have agreed to follow Chatham House Rules for sharing meeting notes. On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, The Graph Council held its 30th meeting.


Council Members (“Members”)
Brandon Ramirez
Santiago Palladino
Sebastian Siemssen
Spencer Noon
Yaniv Tal
Yondon Fu

The Graph Foundation
Eva Beylin, Director, The Graph Foundation (the “Foundation”)

Observer and Note Taker
Observer: Andrew Domzalski, Edge & Node Ventures, Inc. (“Edge & Node”)

Council Business
The meeting commenced at 11:03 am PST


Governance & GIPs

The Members discussed GIP-0030 which failed to pass due to lack of required quorum of 6 Council votes. The Members deliberated on the need for Council voting participation to support the governance process in The Graph protocol. The Members agreed to repeat the Council Snapshot vote for GIP-0030 with a new proposal.

Delegator Council Seat

A Foundation member provided an update on advanced discussions with a candidate for a Delegation Council seat. The Members discussed and agreed to continue the discussions with the candidate for close consideration.

Council Structure

The Members discussed next steps to expand the diversification of the Council structure to enhance existing ecosystem representation. Legal agreements are currently in the review process, following which implementation of the change is anticipated.


A Foundation member provided an update on a grant proposal aiming to develop standards for high quality subgraphs and to lead working groups in The Graph ecosystem. The Members had detailed discussions on the scope, agreement language and SLAs of the potential grant.

A Foundation member presented a grant proposal focused on enabling easier data access for reputation use cases.

A Foundation member shared an update on ongoing discussions with a potential grantee for protocol R&D, network services and ecosystem support. The discussions reflect clarifications are still needed on different scopes of engagements and subsequent resource commitments. The Members discussed various options to structure a successful future arrangement.


This is a bit sad :slight_smile:


Does it mean a VC left the council ?