Know Your Indexer #15 | Stake2earn

We are excited to introduce Stake2earn’s team in this new “ Know Your Indexer ” segment in this 15th edition.

They are always ready to help new delagators and answer any question regarding the protocol in their social medias like Telegram and Twitter.

Stake2earn Interview


  1. How did you get into Blockchain? How long have you been running nodes or participating in the blockchain ecosystem?

Stake2earn team: I (Alex, CEO of stake2earn) used to work for a while for IBM. This is how I got in touch with blockchain technology and as I saw the potential as well as the benefits of a decentralized world, I tried to get involved more and more into it. The trading past experience also helped together with the technical background.

Back in 2017, I initially started running masternodes, some kind of POS today. For example, I run PureX and Reddcoin.

Afterwards, I started working with dCipher company building up a mobile app wallet, a DEX exchange, an ERC20 token and several other projects.

Now, I built stake2earn and behind are several validators on different networks, including The GRAPH Network.


  1. What was your first experience with The Graph and why did you choose to participate in The Graph ecosystem?

Stake2earn team: My first experience was during testnets when I also got interviewed by one of the project members and expected to be part of that stage. I was very excited when I first heard on Twitter about GRT as I saw the end value. The Graph didn’t launch as an ETH killer and more as a facilitator for other dApps to work faster, smoother and easier than before.


  1. Did you participate in the Mission Control testnet? How would you describe the experience?

Stake2earn team: Yes, I did participate in the Mission Control tesnet and lucky I did join from this stage. The Graph Network is a very complex project even for a person with technical background. You need programming, devOps knowledge and of course, blockchain and crypto know how to make sure you manage to fulfill all requirements for your indexer and keep it at high standards.


  1. How many indexers do you currently have in mainnet? Have you thought about adding more indexers in the future?

Stake2earn team: At the moment, I am currently running one Indexer and I am thinking of running another one soon, however I wanted to wait for more subgraphs to be launched.


  1. Are you currently participating in the current testnet?

Stake2earn team: We are not part of the current testnet.


  1. How do you stay connected with your delegator community?

Stake2earn team: One of our main company values is communication with our delegators. This is why to keep them informed about updates every now and then on Telegram (we have a dedicated stake2earn Telegram group for delegators only), tweets on Twitter, Medium posts with tutorials etc. Also, on our website we have a 24/7 chat for people to reach us anytime they need it.


  1. How many people from your team are participating in The Graph’s community? Can you share their profiles and give us a brief introduction about their background?

Stake2earn team: There are several people from my team participating actively in The Graph’s community. However, my right and left hand are Gabriela, the CCO & Lead Product Manager, together with Sebastian, the Technical Lead Manager. They both have high experience in their area of expertise and we all can be found on Linkedin anytime by looking for:

Gabriela Tabaruta
Sebastian Dirman
Alexandru Dirman


  1. What are you excited about the future of The Graph?

Stake2earn team: The Graph Network has the possibility to go to the next stage and add more subgraphs and integrate others such as Uniswap, Synthetix, Aave, and so on.
Also, it would be a great milestone for The Graph Network to query the data not only from Ethereum blockchain, but also from other blockchains. This will enable the consumer to create more dApps by querying via other subgraphs.


  1. Which blockchain networks are you excited to index for The Graph?

Stake2earn team: As we also have other validators such as Solana and Avalanche, we would be really happy to see these networks index for The Graph.


  1. Why should delegators choose you?

Stake2earn team: It’s really important to do your research before choosing an Indexer to stake with. A good Indexer might mean providing a good fee cut and being very active in the community. This is why we at stake2earn are always very transparent with anyone knocking at our door, we are offering consultancy and we communicate a lot with our Delegators and/or potential Delegators.

We also are known for lowering fees and not increasing them. We currently have an apy of around 9% - this might vary depending on the number of delegations. Our process, so far, was to maintain this apy as much as possible the same.


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Wallet address: 0x7ddf0c8cb0167870bf7cc5368792c93aeeb15430

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