Know Your Indexer #21 | Nodeify.eth

After a little break we are excited to introduce Nodeify.eth team in this new Know Your Indexer’s structure.

This team is always prepared in The Graph’s communities like Telegram, Discord and Twitter to help new users and technical support.

Nodeify.eth interview


  1. Share with us a bit about your background.

Nodeify.eth team: My formal education / experience was previously in medicine as a Paramedic for many years. I have been involved in tech since I can remember in a more informal hobbyist role, and building things I found interesting. However, around four years ago, I began to educate myself more formally and I am now working on a degree in Computer Network Systems Engineering. My professional career for the past three years has been working as a Systems Engineer in California.


  1. When was the first time you heard about the graph and why did you decide to get involved in the project?

Nodeify.eth team: I first heard about The Graph in December 2020 with the Coinbase listing. It was the talk of the town in my various social circles. The problem The Graph was solving for developers, improving user experience, and the decentralization of data really caught my attention. I later joined The Graph discord to learn more about the roles in the protocol and what part I could play within it. At the time I had chosen to participate in delegation after interacting with others in discord. The community was really the mainstay of why I chose to become more involved and I became a Delegator shortly after.


  1. How many indexers participate in the network? Do you plan to integrate others in the future?

Nodeify.eth team: There are currently 161 Active Indexers on the network. As of right now, I have no plans on integrating with anyone, and I am working towards expanding my own operations.


  1. In addition to indexers, does your team have other members who participate in different roles in the network?

Nodeify.eth team: Nodeify is a solo operation, but I do participate as a delegator as well.


  1. Why should delegators choose you? How do you create bonds of communication and trust between them and you?

Nodeify.eth team: I currently run a status page which I will be expanding as my bandwidth allows, I believe my delegators deserve as much transparency into my indexing stack as possible.I keep a constant presence in The Graph community helping others as much as possible on various platforms; Discord, Telegram, Twitter and I have recently joined the Graph Advocates DAO. I really believe in paying it forward and helping shape mission alignment of the protocol.


  1. For those people who are not yet participating in the network, how would you explain to them what the graph is and why they should join our community?

Nodeify.eth team: The Graph is a decentralized indexing protocol. What does this mean? The blockchain is a continuous append only ledger full of valuable data that developers can use to build decentralized applications. However, with this continuous flow of information, you only want to receive the data you require for your specific application.

One example comes to mind: You wanted to cook dinner for yourself. You make yourself a shopping list, drive to the store, manually search through the entire store for what you need, and you then drive it home to cook your meal. What if the store is really far (latency)? What if the closest store is far more expensive than all the other stores (non-competitive marketplace / regional monopoly)? What if your car breaks down(single point of failure)? What if you don’t have a driver’s license and you have to pay someone else to drive you (hiring devops talent or third party)?

The other option is to place an online order with your list (subgraph) and have it delivered directly to your door in full (Indexer). If they give you the wrong groceries, money is taken from the delivery drivers account (slashing). Reviewers help you find the best delivery drivers and help the drivers expand their business (delegators). An app is created for the drivers to find which areas are ordering the most groceries(curators).Now let’s also implement the change that all delivery drivers are independent of each other competing to get your groceries for you. This while also being cheaper, more reliable and faster. Now all you have to do is get cooking!


  1. The Advocates program was recently launched, how would you motivate the community to participate in this program?

Nodeify.eth team: The Advocates program is extremely beneficial for all involved. It allows all parties interested a chance to gain experience in web3, network with many talented individuals and dive deeper into The Graph protocol. This is also a major benefit to the community as a whole, Advocates can immediately start sharing their talents with the community in a more organized fashion. With the launch of the Graph Advocates DAO, it also allows many from all different backgrounds to contribute and shape the space they are participating in.


  1. What do you like the most about being part of this project and how do you contribute to its growth?

Nodeify.eth team: What I enjoy most about this project is the enthusiasm of everyone involved. People coming from many disciplines or walks of life, there is a passion there that cannot be contained. I participate in any avenue that my bandwidth allows, and I currently spend a large amount of my time helping others to the best of my ability. With the addition of the Graph Advocates DAO, I am also participating in the Advocate committee, and helping onboard others into the advocate program or DAO. In addition, I am also participating in the OP’s committee, helping build the backbone of the DAO.


  1. Which blockchain networks are you excited to index for The Graph?

Nodeify.eth team: Currently I am mostly excited for the hosted service on Ethereum mainnet to further migrate off the hosted service. However, I am also very intrigued to begin indexing Solana and Cosmos, they are a welcome challenge and I can’t wait to get started on those. It also brings their communities with it, which are welcome additions to the ecosystem!


  1. What are you excited about the future of The Graph?

Nodeify.eth team: What excites me most about the future of The Graph is what impact it will have on the pace of innovation. The easier we can make it for developers, the more robust web3 will become and I believe The Graph has shortened that time frame for everyone.

Social Networks
Discord Vince | nodeify.eth
Wallet address: 0xb4b4570df6f7fe320f10fdfb702dba7e35244550

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