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Know Your Indexer, a segment that allows you to get to know and feel closer to your favorite Indexer. In this month’s segment we will have a team that has always been present in the community educating and helping the ecosystem.

From the beginning Graphtronauts manifest its enthusiasm and willingness to help grow and improve the community.

Graphtronauts interview


  1. Team background

Graphtronauts team: We are a team of six with various skill sets, ranging from technical background (front-end development, DevOps) to social media marketing and content creation, as highlighted by our original artwork and animations. We also have members with financial and accounting skills, and of course, community building and management. This was our initial core activity as Graphtronauts.

  1. When was the first time you heard about the graph and why did you decide to get involved in the project?

Graphtronauts team: Our team is made up of many individuals who joined The Graph ecosystem at different points, several of whom have been with the project since mainnet launch in late 2020. However, we all appreciate what The Graph is doing for blockchain technology, especially with the ever-growing focus on web3 and decentralization. We support this ambitious vision and realize its importance to the future of all industries. These goals and commitments to doing something unique are what drew us in and continue to encourage us to support the project and the many ecosystem members it contains.

  1. How many indexers participate in the network? Do you plan to integrate others in the future?

Graphtronauts team: Currently, we only have one indexer participating in the network, however, we are open to the possibility of adding more in the future.

  1. In addition to indexers, does your team have other members who participate in different roles in the network?

Graphtronauts team: Our team has been involved with The Graph since its early mainnet launch days. We all began as delegators, as well as having dived into curation upon its release. Our experience as delegators from the very beginning has helped shape our idea of what a great indexer looks like. This provided a useful framework upon which to build our indexing operation goals for the future. Our roots come from wanting to create a community-oriented indexer, focusing on helping onboard members to an indexer passionate about what The Graph is doing. We aim to always assist new and existing delegators in taking the necessary steps to become participants in the ecosystem, focusing on helping them delegate and support the many quality indexers within the network. Whether a veteran Graphtronaut or a new ecosystem member, our approach and goals remain consistent. We are only here because of the support The Graph community has shown us, and the trust they place in us.

  1. Which blockchain networks are you excited to index for The Graph?

Graphtronauts team: Definitely Polygon, as it is one of the frontrunners in web3 mass adoption. It is involved with so many projects, such as Starbucks Odyssey, partnerships with Nike and Meta, and more.

  1. What do you like the most about being part of this project and how do you contribute to its growth?

Graphtronauts team: The idea of helping people find something unique in The Graph is what we most like about being part of the project. It’s not only the tech behind The Graph ecosystem which makes it great, but also the people. We feel that there isn’t a community quite like The Graph’s, so we want to help foster such a community and contribute to its growth by ensuring we both educate potential delegators, and are able to provide a consistently reliable indexer which gives back to its delegators.

  1. What integration to the network would you like to see in the future?

Graphtronauts team: We believe decentralized storage and gaming are two components that can explode in the near future. Projects like “Bundlr”, which is responsible today for approximately 90% of the total transactions on Arweave, is one of the projects that will be fundamental to index. Web3 gaming is also very interesting, so we would like to see Ronin Network integrated soon, as it is an Ethereum side chain with more than 1M+ active players, with more to come as Ronin is expanding to third-party game studios to develop new games.

  1. The Advocates program was recently launched, how would you motivate the community to participate in this program?

Graphtronauts team: For anyone who wants to start exploring web3 or start a new career, the Graph Advocates Program is a fantastic launch pad, as it allows you to become familiar with many brilliant people and enables you to participate in amazing projects. Because of the multi-chain nature of The Graph, participating in the Advocates Program is the best way to learn about the different projects in the web3 industry. Our indexer is proud to have two Graph AdvocatesDAO members in our group.

  1. What did you like most about the MIPs program?

Graphtronauts team: We didn’t participate in Mission Control, so MIPs for us is our first incentivized testnet experience. What we liked the most is the way everyone tries to help each other in setting up the environments to support the multi-chain world that The Graph wants to achieve. Sometimes it is hard to cope with all the information and announcements that come from MIPs, but knowing that we can rely on the whole Indexer community, helps make everything easier.

  1. Why should delegators choose you? How do you create bonds of communication and trust between them and you?

Graphtronauts team: Delegators should choose us because we have been serving the entire community of Delegators for two years now, spanning various ways. Whether in the form of our Graphtronauts Telegram group, our social media accounts, blog posts, or our useful app, we’ve been focused on helping Graph ecosystem participants become better educated and active within the network. As such, starting an Indexer was the natural next evolution for our community. We are here for the long term and our Delegators know that we are always ready to support and assist them 24x7, through all our social channels. We tout ourselves as the first community-facing indexer, as we are here to serve our community and help them become contributing members of The Graph ecosystem. Our track record speaks for itself, and the many members within our Telegram can attest to our desire to help, inform, and educate anyone eager to become involved with The Graph. However, we realize the importance of decentralization and encourage our current and future delegators to support multiple, quality teams within the ecosystem. Over the years, we have witnessed many fantastic indexing teams grow into what they have become today. We have also seen many recent new additions to the community. This growth excites us and provides us with the desire to continue to develop as one quality indexing team, among many others. This is with the hope that we all can support one another, and the many delegators within the ecosystem, so that The Graph’s decentralization goals are successfully realized in the future.

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Thanks so much Zuni and all the team for hosting us. It has been an incredible journey for all of us at Graphtronauts. Launching our indexer was the natural next step in supporting The Graph and our community members.

We have described our journey in our official launch announcement too: