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Know Your Indexer, it’s a segment that allows you to get to know and feel closer to your favorite Indexer. As we grow, more indexers are joining our ecosystem for to helping the healthy growth of the community. In this month’s segment we have the honor to present Thoalt-indexer.eth team.

Thoalt-indexer.eth interview


  1. Team background

Thoalt-indexer.eth team: I work independently most of the time, occasionally receiving assistance from a few friends. I possess programming skills in mobile and front-end development, along with some knowledge of backend development. Currently, I also manage a community from Vietnam.


  1. When was the first time you heard about the graph and why did you decide to get involved in the project?

Thoalt-indexer.eth team: I became aware of The Graph around mid-2021 when I was just an ordinary investor. As I learned more about the project, I realized its immense potential and considered it to be the backbone of blockchain and one of the most important protocols. As a result, I gradually transitioned from being a delegator to currently running an indexer on the network.


  1. How many indexers participate in the network? Do you plan to integrate others in the future?

Thoalt-indexer.eth team: According to my recollection, currently there are more than 200 individuals participating in running indexers on both the Ethereum and Arbitrum networks. However, I noticed that only about half of them are actively and positively involved. I am always ready to support and integrate with everyone in the community.


  1. In addition to indexers, does your team have other members who participate in different roles in the network?

Thoalt-indexer.eth team: My team has had several members involved in The Graph for a long time. For example, my friend Suntzu is currently running indexers on both Ethereum and Arbitrum. The majority of the members in my team are currently engaged in various roles such as Delegators, Curators, and Indexers. Additionally, some members are involved in creating subgraphs on the network.


  1. Which blockchain networks are you excited to index for The Graph?

Thoalt-indexer.eth team: Currently, I am only running an indexer on the Arbitrum network. The sole reason I chose it is because its gas fees are much cheaper compared to Ethereum.


  1. What do you like the most about being part of this project and how do you contribute to its growth?

Thoalt-indexer.eth team: As a part of The Graph project. Firstly, I truly value the project’s mission to create an open, decentralized indexing and querying protocol for Web3. This empowers developers to efficiently access and query data from various blockchain networks.


  1. What integration to the network would you like to see in the future?

Thoalt-indexer.eth team: When it comes to contributing to the project’s development, I play a role in providing support and guidance to the community, addressing their queries, and sharing educational resources within The Graph Vietnam community. Additionally, I actively participate in raising awareness about The Graph and its benefits in the Vietnamese community. By promoting the project’s features and supporting its ecosystem, I strive to contribute to its continuous growth and adoption in Vietnam.


  1. What do you think about the Advocates program? How would you motivate the community to participate in the Advocates program?

Thoalt-indexer.eth team: I think the Advocates program in The Graph is a fantastic initiative. It provides an opportunity for passionate community members to actively contribute and advocate for the project’s growth and adoption.

To motivate the community to participate in the Advocates program, I would emphasize the benefits of being a part of it.


  1. What are your opinions about the recent migration to Arbitrum as L2?

Thoalt-indexer.eth team: In my opinion, By leveraging Arbitrum’s scalability solutions, The Graph aims to provide faster transaction speeds, lower gas fees, and an improved ecosystem for developers and users.Overall, I believe that the recent migration to Arbitrum as L2 is a strategic move that aligns with the project’s vision and will contribute to the long-term success and growth of The Graph ecosystem.


  1. Why should delegators choose you? How do you create bonds of communication and trust between them and you?

Thoalt-indexer.eth team: First. I strive to offer competitive rewards for delegators. I aim to maximize the returns for my delegators, I am committed to continuously improving my infrastructure and staying updated on the latest developments in The Graph ecosystem to provide the best possible service. I aim to create an environment of trust, transparency, and collaboration, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between myself as an indexer and my delegators.

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