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Know Your Indexer, it’s a segment that allows you to get to know and feel closer to your favorite Indexer. As we grow, more indexers are joining our ecosystem for to helping the healthy growth of the community. In this month’s segment we have the honor to present Wavefive team.

Wavefive Interview


  1. What is your team background and expertise?

Wavefive: Jim, Wavefive’s Founder, started in the crypto space in 2012 alongside a career in Enterprise IT. Wavefive was founded in 2020 as a vehicle for investing in and supporting Web3 projects with infrastructure, governance and relationship management.


  1. When was the first time you heard about the graph and why did you decide to get involved in the project?

Wavefive: We came across The Graph in late 2019 through Yaniv, one of the Founders of The Graph and Edge & Node. It was mostly the message of decentralising the delivery of data that appealed to us initially as we were already running alot of independent infrastructure in the space and believe that the most resilient protocols bake decentralisation into their products.


  1. How many indexers do you have participating in the network? Do you plan to integrate others in the future?

Wavefive: We run one large Indexer, wavefive.eth. We strongly believe that operators that are truly independent of other people’s infrastructure are the most valuable participants in a network.


  1. In addition to indexers, does your team have other members who participate in different roles in the network?

Wavefive: Jim contributed as a Graph Council member and Relations Manager at the Graph Foundation in the past. We have also participated as Delegators since the launch of the network, choosing to support small Indexers that have a proven track record of delivering services to the network.


  1. Why should delegators choose you? How do you create bonds of communication and trust between them and you?

Wavefive: We have a long track record of performance on the network and pride ourselves in sticking to our ideals - truth, integrity, nuance, empathy. Our Delegators tend to demonstrate those same values so we feel we have been successful in building a large, thoughtful set of Delegators. Our dialogue with Delegators is regularly one-on-one, which is how we like to build relationships, big and small. Our main channel for communicating with Delegators is Twitter.


  1. For those people who are not yet participating in the network, how would you explain to them what the graph is and why they should join our community?

Wavefive: Information flows freely and faster over time.

From the invention of the printing press to the proliferaiton of the Internet, humans are confronted with far more data today than they can possibly process. This is incredible progress for humanity but it has come at a cost. The World has shattered into infinite shards of reality. What is truth and what is fiction?

We believe that the mission of The Graph, and the projects that orbit it, is to get humans back to working within the same reality again. If that mission interests you there is likely a place for you within the Graph ecosystem.


  1. What do you like the most about being part of this project and how do you contribute to its growth?

Wavefive: It’s 100% about the people we get to work with. Our specialty is working with the Indexer community where we promote independent operators over monolithic operators and advocate for the products being built at The Graph, so that both the users of the service and those that run it receive products that meet their needs. This is critically important to the The Graph mission where the work of the operator is not coming from one private SaaS company but many independent operators with different infrastructure and different needs


  1. Which blockchain networks are you excited to index for The Graph?

Wavefive: We are super excited about serving rollups in general, we are turbo bullish on Base and looking forward to being able to offer data services for chains that share our values. We are heavily focused on delivering services for chains building on Ethereum.


  1. What are you excited about the future of The Graph?

Wavefive: We are excited to be part of the evolution and stewardship of The Graph over the coming years. It takes a large, committed community to steer a protocol and we will continue to advocate the message of decentralised data in order to grow that community in the years to come.


Social medias:
Discord : cryptovestor

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