Know Your Indexer #8 | Chainflow

We are excited to introduce Chainflow’s team in this new segment called “ Know Your Indexer ” in this 8th edition. Ask your flamin questions to the team now :fire:

They are always attentive in The Graph’s communities like Telegram and Discord to help the new delegators and answer any questions regarding the protocol.

If you want to participate, follow the next steps:

1 . Ask your questions in this post by leaving a comment
2 . The second comment will be updated with the “Highlighted Questions” (below this introduction)
3 . You can review the other comments and see the answers directly from the Indexer
4 . Don’t forget to share this with your friends and colleagues to learn about the exciting ecosystem of The Graph ! :man_astronaut: :stars:


Address: 0x7ca0ee4a792f4da7b6aaf4c082b234259de61112

Don’t forget to follow Chainflow’s team on their Twitter and join to the Telegram Group to get more information.

About the Know Your Indexer