Media and Marketing Partnership Proposal

Hi there!
Let me introduce our crypto marketing agency ICODA - and the ways how we could benefit you.

Take a look at what ICODA has to offer. It is one of the biggest crypto and blockchain agencies known worldwide. As you may see, it drives all aspects of marketing strategies by utilizing the most disruptive techniques and solutions according to the goals and peculiarities of your token.
The company creates a well-defined go-to-market strategy required to make your DAO get noticed all over the world. This advertising agency can offer you such services as:

  • Partner with crypto bloggers and opinion leaders on YouTube and Twitter;
  • Run strong SMM and PR campaigns. It is of major importance when creating brand awareness and bringing more potential customers to your DAO;
  • Build a community on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, as they are the most prominent social media channels for the decentralized space;
  • Publish the project on popular listings, catalogs, and ratings. The major things are to have a community around the project and make the business heard;
  • Advertisements on Google, Yandex, Twitter, and Facebook. Digital advertising is a great tool today to pour your resources. It will help you considerably in finding investors and bringing customers and opinion leaders to your website from reputable sources.

The team behind the company helped to make and boost an impressive list of projects:
If you need help regarding DAO, just let me know and write below. I’m always ready to help you and book a free consultation for you!