Credit Where Credit Is Due & Future Community Development

I wanted to make sure that I took a second to thank whoever created this forum. Whether it was a member of the official project team, or a member of the community thereof, I would really like that person to know that we all appreciate the work you put in to create this and to give us an option to build our community even more. So all-in-all, THANK YOU.

Continuing on with this subject, I have been asking for a couple of weeks now and have yet to get any specific answers that are accomplish-able with my limited resources:

 What other means of community engagement and communication are missing that would      be useful and would help improve this project? I had thought about a Youtube Channel, a     Telegram channel, and Unofficial means of communication where those who wish to engage in price-related discussion could do so appropriately, etc. However, it seems as if all areas are covered already. I would genuinely like to contribute to this project in this way. I am very limited on my technical knowledge, but my strong-suit lies within community engagement and support. Because of this, I want to lend my talents to the project in any way possible. Does anyone have any suggestions for what we need that I could create? 

I appreciate any responses or suggestions. Keep up the good work community, and lets continue to share the wonderful project that is The Graph!!



If you’re interested in contributing, i would say work to your strengths. If you enjoy writing, consider a blog/Medium articles. If you’re comfortable presenting, consider a Youtube channel, etc.

The latter is something that would be interesting in the long-term, my preferred medium, but it’s also highly competitive. I think there’d be a lot to report on as we grow, even for a Graph (or, Web3?) centric channel.