Polygon Is Coming to The Graph’s Decentralized Network | MIPs

Polygon will be the next chain to begin integration with The Graph Network, marking the third chain to be added to the decentralized network. Soon, Indexers will be indexing Polygon subgraphs, enabling Polygon dapps to migrate to the network and rely on a fully decentralized tech stack.

The announcement was made today at Polygon Connect, the network’s premiere community event held in Bangalore, India.

Read more about it in Polygon’s official blog post!


1. Why Polygon?

  • Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dapps with low transaction fees without sacrificing on security. Tens of thousands of dapps have launched on Polygon. Using Polygon, Instagram launched NFTs, Stripe launched global payouts with crypto, Adidas and Prada all launched NFTs.
  • Polygon is one of the most active communities within The Graph and web3. When deciding which MIPs chain to integrate next, it was important that the community’s needs were being supported and Indexers were ready to take the next step.

2. Why is it a big deal?

  • Polygon is the third chain, in addition to Gnosis (after completion) and Ethereum, that will be supported on The Graph Network. This is another giant step forward in the journey towards all chains being supported by the network.
  • Decentralization is more important now, than ever. This step will help the dapps on Polygon further decentralize the indexing and query layer, so there will be no one to shut down their APIs. One step closer to the decentralized data sunrise, one chain at a time.
  • Polygon is the 2nd largest blockchain on the hosted service by both number of subgraphs and query volume (over 18.5% of all queries). This will unlock decentralized indexing for a massive part of The Graph ecosystem.
  • Integrating Polygon on the decentralized network unlocks web2 and traditional brand name projects building on the chain such as Adobe, Stripe, Adidas, and Robinhood, and many more!

3. What is MIPs, and how does the program work?

  • MIPs stands for Migration Infrastructure Providers
  • MIPs is an incentivized program to help Indexers support new chains on the network (multi-chain).
  • At the program level, the MIPs program ensures infrastructure and network readiness to support a multi-chain future.
  • The MIPs program helps bootstrap performant Indexers for new chains on The Graph Network. Indexers who join the program will earn rewards, drive the growth of multi-chain subgraphs on the network, and be scored across three verticals for their participation. Scores are viewable on the MIPs leaderboard. The key metrics assessed in the program are tied to subgraph coverage, quality of service, and community support.
  • Indexers will test network components, provide feedback and achieve high-quality indexing performance to serve dapps effectively.

Whether you’re already running an Indexer or not — those interested in indexing Polygon on The Graph network are encouraged to apply to the MIPs program.

Welcome Polygon, and happy indexing!