The Graph supports Polygon's zkEVM from day 1

Hello devs! Announcing that you can now build subgraphs for Polygon’s newly-launched zkEVM mainnet beta :fire:

Starting today, you can use Subgraph Studio to create subgraphs to indexing Polygon zkEVM data. Polygon zkEVM operates on top of Ethereum Mainnet to improve the scalability & transactions per second of Ethereum :stopwatch:

Building a subgraph on Polygon zkEVM is the same as on any other EVM-compatible chain. Make sure to have the latest @graphprotocol/graph-cli version installed: 0.44.0 and simply select polygon-zkevm while initializing your subgraph. In the subgraph manifest (subgraph.yaml) Polygon zkEVM subgraphs are defined with: network: polygon-zkevm

Note: support for Polygon zkEVM subgraphs is currently in beta.

Happy Building!