Requesting Discourse API key: Building a Governance Discussion Notifier

Hi there, I’m representing the Stakefish Validator Group and we’re building an internal api (that we plan to open source) with the goal of having an up-to-date list of governance discussions for the The Graph ecosystem. The goal is to be able to participate in these discussion early enough that we might participate in them before they go to vote. Without a tool like the one we’re building, we’re forced to manually check the relevant forum categories every day.

Is there someone I could DM about this?

Teddy Knox

Hey @teddyknox , interesting idea! If you would like to know how to identify content/posts that are relevant governance discussions, then feel free to reach to me directly. If you are looking for technical assistance on building that api, then our discord channel may be a good place to start for tech support

@Oliver thanks for your quick response. I’d reach out to you in a DM but I’m not seeing a way to – your profile card doesn’t have a “message” button for me to start a thread. Maybe you could message me first?

To answer your questions: We’re familiar with the Discourse API and will have no trouble reading from it, and we also have a plan to only notify on topics/posts in the “Governance & GIPs” category. The only problem is that this read-only Discourse API is closed off without an API key that a forum moderator would be able to provide.