The Graph's Town Hall

Join The Graph’s Community on the first Graph Protocol Townhall, happening tomorrow Tuesday, Feb 23 @ 8am PST.

Join The Graph Council, Indexers & many other contributors to discuss protocol updates & the GIP process! The meeting link is: Launch Meeting - Zoom

If you want to receive calendar invites for future calls, you can register here: Town Halls

See you tomorrow!


Todays townhall was great. Thanks for organizing the meeting. It was interesting to learn more about the GIP. is fantastic for voting and there’s no need to pay gas for it because of the off-chain vote signaling.


Love voting feature on the


Has it been video recorded? Will it be shared?
So sad I could not make it.

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It was recorded and will be posted soon :slight_smile:

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Here is the recording:

Thanks to everyone that joined!

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Absolutely enjoyed our recent TOWNHALL

Looking forward the next steps on

  • GIP
  • GRC
  • GRP
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