Staking error EIP-1559?

Hello Graph community,

My metamask wallet is connected to the site. My ledger wallet is also tethered with the MetaMask and this is where I have the GRT token under the Etherium as and ERC20.

When I proceed to confirm the delegate, MetaMask returns and error:

transaction failure ! Error EIP-1559 not enabled on common

I have no idea what this means, and I am wondering if it has anything to do with the Ledger tethered to MetaMask.

Any help to resolve this would be much appreciated.


Hey there :slight_smile:

I don’t currently have a Ledger around to test this, but looks like they just recently merged this PR and you might have to:

  • update Ledger Live
  • update Ledger Firmware
  • update Metamask

Thank you for the link. Looks to be a known issue with a migration path to solve in the next releases.