StreamingFast January 2023 Update

Quick update at the beginning of January 2023:

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

  • (About to) Ship Substreams 0.1.0, biggest release since initial launch, with forward parallel execution, a dev mode and a high-speed production mode.
  • Shipped Substreams Sinks for Postgres, MongoDB & Files (CSV & JSONL)

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Ship substreams-sink-kv, a small service that reads from a Substreams mapper module, and fills a key/value store, that is then exposed to web users via Connect Web (a simple web-ready gRPC service interface).
  • Work on a simple Substreams GUI, to help with developer experience while developing modules.
  • Research into user-defined gRPC APIs (WASM), for the KV sink and other sinks in the future.
  • Measure perfs of a full Uniswap-v3 historical injection into a Subgraph, with parallel execution. Stretch goal: clean-up Uniswap-v3 to showcase as a large-scale Substreams-based Subgraph.
  • Working on the initial phases of the Marketplace: defining APIs and some visual mockups.